How To Achieve All Your New Year Goals

Studies have shown that only 41% of Americans set up new year goals and only 9% of these people achieve these goals.

How To Achieve All Your New Year Goals
How To Achieve All Your New Year Goals

The majority of the 41% quit on their goals before the end of the first three months. Do you want to be part of the 9%, Do you want to know How to Achieve All Your New Year Goals? Follow this article till it ends.

How To Achieve All Your New Year Goals

It may seem impossible to have goals written at the beginning of the year achieved before the year comes to an end. First of all, it is not impossible at all, the fact is that lots of people have given up on the concept of a new year’s resolution. This may be because of fact that they have continually failed in this practice for a very long time.

Goals Should Not Be Emotional

One of the major reasons why people fail on their new year’s resolution is that they are emotional about it.

During the new year, people experience so many surges of emotions that they want to achieve everything and be at the utmost top before the year comes to an end.

Maybe that’s where the problems come from, some people do not consider the most important things before making up goals, and they do not have the slightest regard for the process.

Therefore, even in your resolutions for the new year, you have to make sure that your goals are SMART enough. That way, you can easily achieve them.

What exactly is SMART? Let’s take a look at a proper definition below;

What Are SMART Goals?

Just to summarize, SMART is the best format your goals should take. This way, you can track your progress and achieve your goals within the required duration.

In summary, the full meaning of the term SMART is given below;

Specific – Clearly defined, and not ambiguous

Measurable – your goals must be measurable by some criteria. This way, you can determine your progress.

Achievable – not impossible to achieve.

Realistic – You must set goals that are realistic and relevant to your life’s purpose.

Timely – your goals must have clearly defined timelines including date, and a particular target date.

If you are serious about your new year’s goals or resolutions, you must have these kinds of goals in your note.

Tips to Help you Achieve your New Year’s Goals

Now, here are some tips to help you achieve your new year’s goals;

Make Sure it is Written Down

If you want your goals to make a huge impact, you must have them written down. Has it been written down by hand? Science has proven that you will be more stirred to fulfil them if you have them written down and put in a place where you should see them.

A study by the Dominican University proves that 42% of people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.

Make it a New Week’s Resolution Rather than New Year’s

Although the name ‘new year’s resolutions make it very appealing, giving your goals a more short-term time interval makes it more realistic to achieve.

Break down your goals into milestones and have each of them achieved from week to week.

Create a Vision Board

If you want to achieve your goals as fast as possible, make sure it is written and placed where you can be reminded of them daily. Creating a vision board and placing it somewhere visible will enable you to see it more frequently and stir you to take more action about your goals. You can collect images or words that represent your goals and put them in a collage.

Prepare Yourself for a Change

One thing is sure ‘change is not easy you will often stumble and fall short of your expectations. However, if you desire much change in your life this new year, you must be prepared to go all the way, you must have the Zest.

Lasting change does not happen until your mind is ready to change.

Stop Limiting your Thoughts

Sometimes, our ambitions can be big and our very own thoughts could be the limiting factor. If you want to make it big this year, you must have an unstoppable mindset. You must think big and have your goals at the back of your mind if you want to have them fulfilled.

Evaluate your Habits

Sometimes our habits are our major limiting factor. Sometimes resolutions do not work because we tend to focus on the big goal itself and neglect to focus on the actions, we need to take to reach our goals.

Whenever you embark on a new vision or goal, you will need a new set of habits to bring them to reality. No matter what you want to achieve, if you do not focus on your actions, you will not bring them to pass.

Create a Team of Accountability

Sometimes we are not moved to put in our best until someone makes us accountable. For this reason, it is necessary to have a team responsible for your goals.

With these people, you can track your goals and see how far you are toward success.

Map Out Your Goals and Take Action

You will not have the dream if you do not have the power to fulfil it. Therefore, sit down, map out your dream, get the required resources and take the right action today. Your plan does not have to be perfect, you can constantly perfect it as you go through the journey.

Measure Your Progress

One of the best ways to achieve your dreams is if you track your progress. translate your new year’s resolution into milestone actions and share your progress. Write them down as a checklist. Measure your progress every day and review your progress each day.

It is very difficult to lie to yourself when you see your progress on paper.

Aim to Be Better than you were Yesterday

To make real progress in your goals, you must strive to be better than yesterday. One thing to know about life is that it is always evolving. Obstacles come from time to time. Your goal should not be to be perfect or to achieve something more spectacular. However, you must seek real development progress and improvements.

Attitudes to Goal Achievement

If you want to achieve your goals as fast as possible, you must have the right attitude such as;
• Limit your goals and resolutions to a minimum achievable number
• Put more time into your planning
• Divide your goals into milestones
• Avoid repeating past failures
• Always renew your motivation
• Learn to adapt to change.

Conclusively, if you apply the following measures, I am convinced that you will get the results you desire.



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