7 Best Steps to Making Better Goals

7 Best Steps To Making Better Goals. At a very crucial time in our lives, we discover that attaining results is geared by setting goals. But sometimes we set goals and they just end up becoming wishes at the end of the day. Then what happens, we realize our mistakes, brace up ourselves and do the same thing all over again, going with a vile and vicious cycle.

7 Best Steps To Making Better Goals

One of the attributes of successful people is their discipline and integrity which is demonstrated in their ability to set and accomplish goals. If this attribute can be properly built-in you, then you are on your way to the next level of success in your life.

How to Set Goals in 7 steps

Sometimes we still ask ourselves, how these people achieve such a seemingly impossible feat. The beginning of success in fulfilling goals is the preparation of the goals in the first place. If these goals are prepared wrongly, you will have a 95% chance of not fulfilling them. Remember we are all humans and not robots, so, we have to do things in ways that it would be humanly possible.

Below are seven steps to setting goals that can actually be fulfilled.

Think about the endpoint first.

our mind works with motivation and this can be aroused if we have the result in view. You must picture the result of your goal before trying to achieve it. This is what will make your achievement worth it. When creating goals, you need to think of two things;

  1. How important the goal is.
  2. Whether it is worth the time.

This is because, goals are achieved with a lot of time, if you are going to put so much time into achieving a goal, then it has to be worth it.

Create SMART goals

The term SMART is a very useful acronym when it comes to setting goals.

SMART means;

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time-bound

This is very simple, you do not have to set a general goal, let your goals be very specific. Making goals specific will help you know how to fulfill them. Your goal should be measurable-meaning that you should be able to track your success.

Your goals should be very attainable. I believe in faith but come people set goals that are too outrageous. Your goals should be realistic, you cannot lose 50 pounds in 24 hours, no matter how hard you try. And finally, a goal without a deadline is as good as a dead goal.

Write Your Goals Down

Some people do not take this important but your goals need to be documented. You need to write them down and keep them in a visible place. This will help keep you reminded about your goals as frequently as possible.

Create an Action Plan

Goals cannot be achieved magically. If you are really serious about your goal, break them down into actions. It’s as simple as that. Fulfilling those actions will help you easily achieve your goal.

Create a timeline

Yes, you could be as detailed as that, you have to create a timeline for achieving your goals. In fact, give deadlines for every written task. That way, you can easily achieve your goals when you want to achieve them.

Take action

This is a very important part of the process as the whole process will be wasted without taking action. This is where the discipline comes in. You have to fulfill your goals exactly how you have written. You must meet deadlines and fulfill your goals with 100% efficiency.

Re-evaluate and assess your progress

To ensure you complete your goals, you need to keep your motivation strong. Schedule a weekly evaluation. This will include measuring your progress and checking your schedule. Once you see how close you are to the finish line, you’ll have more motivation to push through to the end. Here, you can make adjustments if you find out you aren‘t meeting targets.

Setting goals makes you achieve success much easier and more efficiently. This can fuel your ambition and help you achieve much more tangible results.


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