5 Easy Ways to Set Good Investment Goals

5 Easy Ways to Set Good Investment Goals – Having the right investment mindset is very important and necessary for anyone who is planning on building standard finances. You should more on what you invest in and how profiting it will turn out to be.

5 Easy Ways to Set Good Investment Goals
5 Easy Ways to Set Good Investment Goals

Well, an investor is just like a farmer, it all depends on how, where and when you plant and it will determine your output.

5 Easy Ways to Set Good Investment Goals

Over time must a person has kept the idea of saving up their money in the bank. Well, they see it as the best way of not spending carelessly, but the truth is that’s not a good way of saving. There is no doubt saving is good but the investment is better.

This is because it multiplies whatever you have. However, making the right investment matters a lot. On this note, we will be giving you five easy ways to set good investment goals.

Decide what your Top Goals Are

Investment goals address three major themes relating to your financial growth and monetary management. It is important you know that everyone has goals and they will be slightly different based on their uniqueness in situations.

However, identifying what is yours will be of good help to you. Furthermore, it will help you channel your saving to something more productive. One useful way to think through your goals and set the right ones is using the “SMART” formula.

  • S – Specific: Be specific about your goal by making it clear and written down.
  • M – Measurable: make goals easier to track and determine if you are no target or falling short.
  • A – Achievable: ensure the goal is something you can achieve. Hence, you should have the ability to reach your goals.
  • R – Realistic: The goal should not be a farfetched dream. Thus, you have to wish less and act more.
  • T – Time-based: Set a deadline.

Group your Goals Based on How Far Out into the Future they Might Go

Having identified your most important goals, it’s important your place them in groups. This will help you select which investment fits best for each of them. However, to get this done, you will have to set them in the following format:

Short-Term Goals: These are easily attainable goals. It simply falls under the category such as vacation, down payment on a car and others. These could be things that are likely to occur within a short period.

Medium-Term Goals: This type of goal is more complex than short-term goals. Hence, it requires more time to meet them. Such goals fall into categories such as a down payment on a house or even a wedding depending on how you want it to be.

Long-Term Goals: This category of investment goals includes retirement investment. If you are just starting in your career, retirement is likely 30 or more. Making an unlimited goal will help you in a long run. However, saving for children’s education would also fall into this category if you have young children and are saving for their future college expenses.

Choose Investments that Correspond with your Goals

This is very important as it deals with your financial growth. However, it is necessary you stay focused and invest in something that aligns with your goals. Hence, using the same investment strategy for different goals would not make sense because the goals have different time frames of attainment.

Do an Investment Goals Check Periodically

Ensure you review your investment goals periodically and make sure they are still in line with your future plans. This is not negotiable because as time goes on you will want to make some changes and adjustments.

Is adjustment important? Yes, they are. It is important to adjust your investment as time passes. Thus, what was once, medium or even long-term could change to short-term.

Establish an Investment Policy Statement

Having an investment policy stated down would help you monitor your policy and keep it in check. Well, this is the best way to make progress in your investment goals and it should state the following:

  • Specific goals and investment
  • Detailed information about the amount of risk you are willing to take
  • Strategies that will help you to achieve your goals
  • How your assortment will be tracked and why or when it ought to be rebalanced
  • Return expectations and time-frame
  • Guidelines on the kind of investments you need to make as well as how easy-to-get your finances should be

FAQs on 5 Easy Ways to Set Good Investment Goals

What are Financial Goals?

A financial goal is any plan you have for your wealth. You can have shou=rt term and long-term goals. However, your goals should give you focus and keep you accountable no matter how long they take.

Why Should I Set Financial Goals

Setting a financial goal helps you to track your progress and determine if you are on the right track or not. The outcomes you get while taking the steps needed to achieve your objective might provide you with perspective and ideas.

What are the Most Critical Aspects of the Effective Financial Planning and Budgeting?

Sales forecasting, spending outlay, a statement of financial status, cash flow projection, break-even analysis, and an operations plan are included in a thorough financial plan.

When is Investment Important?

Investing is one amazing way to make money work for you. However, to avoid putting your money at risk and consider an FDIC-insured banking product instead.

How Does Investing Work?

When you invest, you buy an asset like a stock or bond with the hope of a financial return. You can generally make money in one or two ways. You can earn money through dividends or interest. Furthermore, you might also have capital gains when your assets value increases.



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