Best Duck Calls 2022 – The Best Duck Calls to Buy Right Now at Amazon

If you are a new caller, buying the best duck calls in 2022 that fit your style can be hard due to a lack of experience. The more calls you will blow well, the better caller you become.

Best Duck Calls 2022

This blog post is here to help you find the right duck calls in 2022. But make sure you go for a duck caller that can customize the reed to your style of calling as well.

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Best Duck Calls 2022

They are different calls to choose from, including woods, acrylics, hybrids, cutdowns, J-frames, single- and double-reeds, and more.

Hunters need to consider where and how they will be hunting ducks to choose the best type of call to suit their needs.

Things to Consider

Every duck hunter uses different strategies, albeit with the same tools. Below are factors to consider so far:


You need to check out the sound as they come in different sounds. There is a call that reproduces the QUACK of a hen mallard in all its variations is universal. However, there are other specific calls available.


The most common type of reed is mylar, a type of tough plastic with either one or two reeds. However, metal reeds do exist, as do duck calls with three reeds. However, mylar reed is the must-have accessory for hunting.


The duck call comes in three choices in terms of the materials. These call materials include wood, polycarbonate, and acrylic.

However, the wood is the most classic one but it is hard to maintain. For polycarbonate material, make a sound that falls somewhere between the softness of wood calls and the sharpness of acrylic calls. While acrylic is of high-density material that produces sharper and louder calls than wood or polycarbonate.

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Custom vs production calls

Duck calls come in custom and production calls. Custom calls are by nature more expensive than production calls. While the production calls are one-on-one customer service, for instance, call tuning or questions.


They came in different price ranges. The inexpensive calls range in price from $5 to $15. For the mid-range, the price is range from $20 to $50, while the costly range from $50 to $100.

The best duck calls of 2022 to buy right now at Amazon

Best of Best – Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call

This is a must-have hunting accessory. The Jase pro series was made to harmonize with the air pressure of a single reed, but it has a double reed.

Additionally, it is very easy to blow and also offers consistent sounds in all weather conditions.

This call is made durable and also loud enough to grab any duck’s attention and soft enough to draw them in close, even on the quietest of days.


Best for Beginner – Duck Commander Ole Raspy Duck Call

This call is designed from high-impact plastic construction with double reed and friction fit. However, it produces unique sounds that work best for beginning callers.

Additionally, brings in mallards from the skies with simple techniques. It is great for hunters, mostly for beginners.


Best Mallard – Duck Commander Triple Threat Duck Call

The triple reed is easy to use when hunting and great for beginners. It is designed to replicate the mallard hen in her quack, feed call, and hail call.

However, duck commander duck calls offer low gravel tones for mature hens to high scratchy pitches for young hens.


Primos Hunting 829 Feedin’ Mallard Call

This is one of the easiest hunting accessories to go for. The one unit is designed with a unique to produce the sound of an entire flock with a single breath.

However, the sound is high-pitched with a great amount of volume. It is easy to use and also made of high-quality materials.


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ECHO CALLS INC 77766 Timber Duck

This is another amazing hunter tool designed mostly for close-in calling. However, it is the perfect call for guides and serious duck hunters.

The calls produce a mellow yet raspy tone. It’s the best ideal for working ducks in timber. It finishes duck in open water.


BGC Double Nasty Duck Call

The duck call comes in 2-pack including the double nasty mallard call and the wood duck call.

The Double nasty duck call features a spit-tech tone board to help prevent sticking when wet.

While the wood duck call is similar to use and effective all season long. Both are made in the USA with durable materials.


Duck Commander 1972 Dymond Wood Duck Call

This hunting call is perfect for finishing. It is made to have the same volume and range as a mallard hen, it is very easy to blow.

However, it is smooth and low-end properties that let you blow quietly when Ducks are in close range. It is designed beautifully with wood.


ESH Waterfowl Calls for Hunting

If you are working on open water or close-in finishing calls, these duck calls can bring the ducks exactly where you want them.

It easily reproduces any sound a duck makes like hails, comebacks, quacks, and feeding calls. There are more features to enjoy hurry and get yours.


Echo XLT Timber Acrylic Duck Call

This is echo’s most versatile duck call. It can produce a ringing hail call that reaches out when hunting big open water.

Plus, when you need to get soft and nasty it will put the finishing touches on the hard-to-work mallards. It is a single reed, which makes it best ideal for any duck hunter.


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Haydel’s Game Calls Inc

Which reed should I choose from? No problem we got you covered as this HAYDEL feature both the double reed system and a single reed.

However, the double-reed offers resonance while the single red can be used in open water where volume is needed.

Both are designed and hand touched by professional callers and they blow wet.



How Do I Buy the Right Duck Call?

Buying duck is very easy, but if you are a beginner, it can be hard because the experience is not there yet. The better experience you get, the more calls you will blow well.

You can check out our buying guide or pick an accessible call maker, someone that will answer the phone or email if you question.

What’s Better, A Single- Or Double-Reed?

Both are better and also subjective based on how you present air into a call and the amount of air you can push through the mouthpiece. However, a single takes more air to operate than a double. But it depends on the width of the mouthpiece and barrel opening.

How Do I Call Ducks?

Once you get into the experience, it will help you read ducks and how when to call them. however, you can them using the quack sound or comeback sound. The comeback call will get a lot of ducks to turn around and take another look at the spread.

What Is the Easiest Duck Call to Use?

The easiest duck call for beginners is a double or triple-reed acrylic call. It is very easy to use and novices can learn to produce natural sounds relatively quickly.

Why Are Acrylic Duck Calls Better?

Acrylic is high-density material, that produces a sharp tone at a higher volume than wood and polycarbonate calls.

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