Best Duck Calls – Calling Techniques of Duck Call

What are the best duck calls? A duck call is used in water flow hunting, by which a hunter lures waterfowl or the actual tool which the person uses to do so.

Best Duck Calls

However, every duck hunter uses different strategies, albeit with the same tools. Hunters can select from single-or double-read calls, which affects the versatility of the calls.

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Best Duck Calls

The duck calls come in different types, sizes, and materials, and sound different. so, choosing the right one can be frustrating.

However, we have put together a list of the top duck calls and a buying guy to follow in case you can’t see your choice from our list. Read on to explore.

Types Of Duck Calls

Open water: this type of duck call is recommended for hunters located in large, open areas with windy conditions.

Timber: this type is indorsed for hunters located in closed-in, forested areas with calm weather.

Cut-down: this type of duck is good for hunters who are searching for sound distinctive sounds.

Calling Techniques of Duck Call

Quack: this is a short, sharp note. It can be sprinkled throughout your duck-calling repertoire to mimic short bursts of quacking. Hunters should voice the quack noise with a hard punctuated “k” into the call.

Comeback or hail call: comeback or hail is the loudest and longest of calls. It’s drawn out and amplified to attract ducks from afar.

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Duck Calls Material

The other thing to consider is the type of material they are made of. They come in different materials and if you not being careful you might end up buying the wrong one. here is our guide to follow:

Wood: wood is known as a classic material for a duck call. Historically, duck cells have been considered basic woodwind instruments. However, the wood offers a softer and mellower call than acrylic. But the wood is more difficult to maintain because it’s porous and absorbs moisture and can swell.

Acrylic: This is a high-density material; it produces shaper and louder calls than wood or polycarbonate. They are easy to maintain because acrylic material does not absorb water.

Polycarbonate: ducks that are made from Polycarbonate plastic create sounds that fall somewhere between the softness of wood and the sharpness of acrylic calls. However, they are less expensive and the most durable because of their nature.

Duck Call prices

They are categorized into 3 price tags, they include inexpensive, mid-range, and expensive. Let’s look deep into the prices:

  • Inexpensive: these low-end duck calls range in price from $5 to $25. They are mostly made from polycarbonate.
  • Mid-range: these duck calls range from $20 to $50. They are mostly made of wood or acrylic.
  • Expensive: these are the costly duck calls; they can cost from $50 to $100. They are likely made from acrylic.

Things to Consider

There are some things to check out when shopping for the right duck calls, below are some factors to consider:

Single reeds vs double reeds

The duck’s call came with a single reed r a double reed inside of it. A single-reed duck call requires more voice but less air than a double-reed call. While double reed duck call produces a raspy sound, created by the two reeds rubbing on each other. You will have to consider between these reeds.


Make sure you consider the sound as they come in a different sound. There is a call that reproduces the QUACK of a hen mallard. So, check out the sound.


They are constructed with different materials, make sure you read the above explanation on the three materials they are made of, acrylic, wood, and Polycarbonate material.


The price range is from inexpensive, mid-range, and expensive. You can as well read about the price above.

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Best Duck Call for 2023

Best duck calls for beginners – Buck Gardner 6-in-1 whistle


  • Affordable
  • Multi-lingual
  • Pea-less design
  • No moving parts
  • Constructed of tough hard plastic
  • Wide variety of sounds & easy to use

The buck garden 6-in-1 whistle is a must-have instrument for hunters. It easily replicates sound sounds of 6 species which makes it versatile.

Additionally, it has a larger bell end cast with greater volume than many whistles on the market. It replicates drake’s mallards, wigeon, teal, wood duck whistles, and more.


Best Double Reed – Slayer Calls’ Drake Slayer


  • Double mylar reeds
  • Tough rubber wedge
  • Rugged and acrylic construction
  • Made in the USA
  • Good volume control

This is an amazing double reed made with acrylic. It is a call with a superior tone from the high end to the bottom that grows with you as a caller

However, it offers a full volume range to adjust the loudness of your call. It is good for both hunting in the field, in timber, or near open water.


Best Wood Duck Call – Primos Classic Wood Duck


  • Beautiful Diamond Wood (Willow) build
  • Simple user-friendly short reed design
  • Available in ‘smoke’ polycarbonate
  • Double as a peacock turkey locator call

This is an amazing wood duck called comfortable for both sitting on the water a flying overhead. Its sound rings from all wetlands and swamps.

Furthermore, it is made from high-quality hardwood, making it a great confidence call, when hunting other waterfowl.

It features a sound that rings forth from all wetlands and swamps, high-quality hardwood barrels, and more.


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Best High-End Duck calls – Haydel’s Game calls Inc


  • Game calls
  • Instructional CD’s and DVD’s
  • Lanyards and apparel.

This is one of the easiest duck calls to use and sounds amazing. It is rated among the high-end call and it is best for beginners as well as avid duck hunters.

Additionally, this duck hunting call blows even when it’s wet. It features a fully adjustable floating wedge to let personal turning.


Echo Duck Calls INC 77766 Timber Duck


  • Made for close in calling
  • Perfect call for guides
  • Produces a mellow yet raspy tone

This is an amazing call made especially for close-in calling. It is the perfect call for guides and serious duck hunters.

Plus, it produces a mellow yet raspy tone. Great for working ducks in timber.


737 duck calls – BGC Double Nasty

This duck call comes in 2-pack including the nasty mallard call and the wood duck call.

The double nasty duck call features a spit-tech tone board to help prevent sticking when wet. While the wood call is simple to use and effective all season long.


Best Mallard Duck Calls – Duck Commander

This is an amazing call specifically designed to attract off ducks and those late-season birds that have become call-shy.

However, it is made of high-impact plastic that can take a beating season after season. It is very easy to blow.


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Will I Ever Need To Replace The Reeds In My Duck Call?

There may be a chance, but it is unlikely. The reeds will only need to be replaced or the duck call retired if they begin to delaminate. However, replacement reeds can be ordered online.

What Happens If I Drop My Duck Call In The Water?

Nothing will happen unless the duck call is made from wood. The acrylic and polycarbonate will need to dry out before you use them. however, wood is porous and readily absorbs water, while other materials do not.

Does A Higher Price Equal Better Quality?

The high price is not necessary. Learners can do just as well with a $10 call or $50 call. However, more advanced hunters may choose a price call because of better-quality material or the ability to fine-tune the call to suit specific hunting needs.

What’s Easier—Single Reed, Or Double Reed?

Both are considerable. Single reed calls are versatile in the sound they make. While the double red calls are more forgiving and easier for beginners to produce the proper sounds.

Are Wooden Duck Calls Any Good?

Wooden duck calls are made beautifully, and the richness of wood produces. They have the most realistic duck sounds. Also, they will expand and contract over time, thus changing tone to some degree.

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