21 Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

21 Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas – Christmas is just some weeks from now. So, getting your gift wrapped is another thing to consider. However, gifts are a precious way of saying thank you to your loved ones and making them feel special.

21 Easy Christmas Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Furthermore, there are ways to elevate your wrap job if you want to make the giving extra special.

21 Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Once you are done shopping, the task of wrapping your gifts will be upon you. However, that is why this article is here. If you need wrapping ideas, you are in the right place.

Moreover, if this is your first time wrapping a gift, there are some simple tips and tricks to learn that we can help with. Scroll down and choose your choice from our top picks.

WERNNSAI Christmas Wrapping Paper

This Christmas wrapping paper features many dogs, which makes your gift more special to dog lovers. However, the wrapping paper is made of high-quality coated paper. It is easy and great for wrapping gift boxes, not easy to tear when wrapping gifts.


LDGOOAEL Christmas Wrapping Paper Roll

This paper roll form consists of 1 separate individually wrapped in plastic. However, each roll features grid lines on the reverse side for straight cutting and perfectly wrapped presents.


Hasoar Christmas Gift Bags

These Christmas wrap bags are made of food-grade, strong dependable foil paper, and holds enough weight. Plus, these stylish bags are created in a beautiful way to present your gift.


Hallmark Flat Christmas Wrapping Paper Sheets

This hallmark flat wrapper comes with cutlines on the reverse and gift tag seals. However, each sheet of flat wrapping paper is perfectly sized to wrap a standard shirt box.


Amosfun Christmas Drawstring Gift Bags

The Christmas gift bags are updated to a drawstring closure daily ease gift wrapping. It is easy to use and also saves time and is very convenient.


HOLDN’ STORAGE Wrapping Paper Storage Container

If you need a place to store and keep all of your holiday supplies, this is the right option. As a wrapper servicer, this wrapping paper storage container is a must-have However, it helps organize your items.


JOYIN 36 Pcs Christmas Gift Bag

These wrapping papers come in 3 designs and 18 sheets of paper in red, green, and white. However, it is perfect for Christmas and is very sturdy. The beauty and quality of these bags are very impressive


PURPLE LADYBUG 6 Christmas Gift Bags with Scratch Paper Panel

These gift bags have a scratch paper panel with metallic gold under the black matter surface. However, it lets you scratch a personalized message directly from OneTouch of the small gift bags.


Rancco Christmas Wrapping Paper Rolls for Holiday Gift Wrap

This Christmas gift-wrapping paper adds a festive atmosphere. It is not folded sheet and has no crease; it comes with shrink film to prevent dust and strains.


Hallmark Holiday Plaid Wrapping Paper

This bundle of holiday gift wrap features 3 versatile designs which are red & white with a Santa Claus scene and black and white buffalo check plaid. However, the color is super cute and crafted from high-quality paper materials.


RUSPEPA Christmas Wrapping paper

This pretty thick wrapping paper is best for wrapping Christmas gifts. However, it comes in a roll form consisting of 6 separate individuals wrap in plastic. It is not just for gift wrapping; it is also great for the project.


ZOBER Wrapping Paper Storage Container

This is the ultimate solution for Christmas wrap paper storage. This item keeps an entire gift wrap collection neat and organized, all in one place.


Enesco 11 Pieces Christmas Buffalo Plaid Bags

This is a Christmas buffalo plaid bag best for gift packaging. However, each drawstring bag is equipped with a tared ribbon that is silky, to knot, and you can use it to tie the bag. They help keep your items safe, clean, and not easy to link.


American Greetings Christmas Reversible Wrapping Paper Bundle

This holiday wrapper designs come in a coordinating color palette of navy, white, and rose gold. However, American greetings offer optional greeting cards.


Other Gifts Wrap Ideas to Consider

  • Hallmark Kraft Christmas Wrapping Paper for Kids with Cut Lines on Reverse (4 Rolls: 88 sq. ft. Trtl) Penguins, Santa, Snowmen, Polka Dots – SHOP NOW
  • American Greetings Christmas Wrapping Paper with Cut Lines Bundle, The Grinch – SHOP NOW
  • ZINTBIAL Christmas Wrapping Paper for Kids Boys Girls Baby Men Women – Holiday Gift Wrapping Paper Bundle Including Deer, Stockings, Snowflake, Nutcracker, and Sloth – 29 x 42 Inches per Sheet (4 Jumbo Sheets) – 100% Recyclable, Easy to Store Not Roll – SHOP NOW
  • Christmas Drawstring Gift Bags with Tags – 40 Pcs Thanksgiving Gift Bags Assorted Sizes Large Medium Small Foil Gift Wrapping Bags – SHOP NOW
  • Trendazer 12 Pieces Christmas Gift Bags 4 Premium Design Reusable Craft Paper Assorted Colors Xmas Theme Boxes Great – SHOP NOW
  • BALEINE Christmas Wrapping Paper Storage Organizer with Flexible Partitions and Pockets – SHOP NOW
  • Ribbonbonbox Money Box for Cash Gift Pull Heart Box – Unique gifts for Birthday, Anniversary, and Wedding gifts for Her and Him – SHOP NOW


What Is The First Thing To Do In Wrapping Gift Items?

Wrapping gifts seems easy, but somehow it is hard. To wrap the gift smoothly and beautifully, here are steps to follow:

  • Measure the amount of wrapping paper you will need by rolling your box or item over so that you know you’ve got each side covered
  • Cut a tad bit more than needed.
  • Fold each side over and tape the top and bottom.
  • Lastly, fold over the edge of one side to create a cleaner look.

What Is A Cheap Way To Wrap A Gift?

The cheapest way of wrapping a gift is doing it yourself. All you have to do is to buy a contractor’s paper either white or brown to wrap a gift with. They add a colorful ribbon, twine, or decorations such as pine cones, leaves, candy or cookies, ad a silk flower.

What Can I Use Instead Of Gift Wrapping?

There are different strategies for packing your gifts aside from gift wrapping, some of the strategies include tissue paper, fabric scraps, paper grocery bags, newspaper, etc.

What Is A Good Amount Of Present For Christmas?

It depends on the parent’s opinions the same as the kids. However, some get their kids three presents which represent each gift baby Jesus received. While others believe in four, something you want, need, wear, and read.

What Gifts Are Hard To Wrap?

Most of the voted gifts difficult to wrap include bikes and tricycles, cars, large soft toys, puppies, headphones, and more.

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