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First off, what is the Facebook Pay about? Facebook Pay is a great platform for sending money to family and friends. All that is required of you is your debit card number, and you can easily make payments from any conversation. This platform was created by the Facebook Company to enhance peer to peer payment platform. Fb pay requires you to own a Facebook account because you have to set up your account through your Facebook or Messenger, but you will be able to set up Fb Pay directly within the other apps like WhatsApp and Instagram.

How to Use Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay does not require any charging fees, unlike PayPal. This service was introduced by the Facebook Company on the 12 of November in the year 2019. Even though there have been other payment platforms on Facebook and Messenger already, it is recent that Facebook introduced the Facebook Pay service. This service is different from the former services rendered as it allows you to make payments across their other apps. After you might have done selecting a payment method, you can easily buy things and even exchange money with recipients from their app.

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How to Use Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay has made good security measures to make sure that any payments made on your Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger is well secured. All that is asked of you is to enter the information of your account or payment card, once and then use your Facebook Pay tom make purchases, sending of money, or make donations within the apps.  a PIN or biometrics is to be added to strictly secure your individual payments. You can also use Fb Pay to view your payment history, get access to customer support, and manage your payment information.

Presently Facebook is currently making plans to advance to other apps and countries with the aim of bringing the service to more people. Currently, Fb Pay is not available in all countries, but they are making plans for the service to spread out to many more countries as soon as possible.

Is Facebook Pay Safe?

The Facebook Company has gone to great length to make sure your payment information is secured. They have well-advanced technology and protect Facebook Pay with the following;

  • They use anti-fraud technology to keep track of purchases on their system and to also be able to detect unauthorized activities.
  • A well-advanced data storage and encryption for the payment card and your bank account details.
  • Prompt notifications when unusual activity is detected on your account
  • You can also choose to add a PIN or better still use the biometrics on your device for added security when you make any transaction. Please note that Facebook doesn’t receive or stores any information on your devices biometric.

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How to Make Use of Facebook Pay

Are you in a dilemma on how to go about Facebook Pay well below are the steps on how to make use of the platform;

  • First off, start conversing with the person you intend to send money to or wish to request money from.
  • Tap on the 4 dotted menu on the left of the text field, could be an arrow if you have your keyboard opened. On computers, the button is a plus sign
  • Select Pay Friend. Then click the money icon if you are making use of the desktop version of the site
  • Enter the desired amount and an optional note, and then select either PAY or REQUEST.
  • Add the information on your payment by choosing the “Add Debit Card or Add PayPal.
  • Choose your desired payment method now that you are done adding your account.
  • Choose Pay or Request to complete your transaction.

To use Facebook Pay is quite easy. Should in case, you need further clarification, or you have more questions on Fb Pay kindly visit the following link;

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