Trends In the Streaming Industry In 2022

There has been massive growth in the streaming industry recently, and this growth has been rapid.

Trends in the Streaming Industry in 2022
Trends in the Streaming Industry in 2022

However, by taking an inventory of the various trends in the streaming industry in the year 2022, we will be sure of how to be prepared for technological advancement in these industries.

Trends in the Streaming Industry in 2022

ExpressVPN reveals that this industry performed above normal expectations in 2022. This write-up was constructed to explain how exactly this was achieved. We will all agree that streaming has been dominant in the entertainment industry. Quite a lot has happened in the course of this year.

The streaming industry has continued to create pathways for creators and businesses. As the number of streamers increases, more opportunities emerge for advertisers to reach more potential customers or audiences.

To capitalize on this, you must know precisely what the happenings are and what projections have been made about future trends.

Our focus on this will be the five most used streaming services in 2022 and their most streamed movies.

Best Streaming Platforms in the Year 2022

Here are the top five streaming services in 2022, as well as statistics on their most popular movies.


Undoubtedly, Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms in the world, and its performance in 2022 was phenomenal. The following are some of the most popular Netflix movies in 2022:

Number of films or television shows Number of Weeks at Number 1
Stranger things 8
Ozark 6
Cobra Kai 4


Stranger Things

Stranger Things is an American horror movie where a teenager with mighty psychic powers escapes a sinister government institute. After these eleven forces joined with local nerds to win the battle against Demogorgon, it was one of the most highly viewed videos in the year 2022 and had more than 515 million hours of viewing on May 30, 2022.


In this movie, a money laundering scheme for a Mexican drug cartel goes wrong, and a financial advisor, Marty Bryde, proposes to make amends by offering to set up a bigger operation.

Ozark had its highest views or streams on the 24th of January, 2022, with over 173 million streams.

Cobra Kai

This show is about the renewal of the rivalry between former bad boy Kai, bad boy Johnny Lawrence, and the star pupil of Mr Miyagi. Although they are now grown men, they refuse to let their past conflicts go.

Cobra Kai had its highest view on the 3rd of March, 2022, with over 171 million streams.

Prime Video

This streaming platform had one of the largest memberships and streaming statistics in 2022. It was ranked third by US News. In 2022, Amazon Prime Movies released originals such as “Run, Sweetheart, Run!” and “Ring of Power.” Some of its top streaming movies this year are:

Movie Name Streaming points
Samaritan 66,617
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring 35,356
The Tomorrow War 27,978



The movie Samaritan is one of the most streamed movies on the Prime Video Platform in 2022. It is about a thirteen-year-old boy named Sam who suspects that his mysterious neighbour is a legend hiding in plain sight, who was reported dead 25 years ago.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

This classic has the second-highest streaming points on Amazon Prime Video platforms, as shown above. The movie illustrates the story of a ring lost for centuries and the powerful forces searching for it. Frodo, a little Hobbit, becomes the bearer of the ring and must carry the responsibility of destroying it.

The Tomorrow War

This movie is in third place on this list after its tremendous performance compared to other movies streamed on the Amazon Prime platform. It tells the story of a group of time travellers coming from the year 2051 to deliver a very important, urgent message to warn the earth against some deadly alien species.

The information in this list is according to the statistics delivered by FlixPatrol. The points given here are according to various parameters, such as the number of countries viewed and the number of days it remained the most popular.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus ranks third among the world’s best on-demand streaming platforms for the year 2022, according to US news. Although it is a relatively young platform, it shares the stage with Netflix, and Disney competes with it. The following are the most streamed movies at Disney plus in 2022:

TV Show or Movie Popularity Points
Encanto 126,880
Turning Red 83,216
Moana 68,021



This movie dominates the popularity chart of the year 2022, according to Flixpatrol. It is an animated movie about the Madrigals, an extraordinary family that has members with different powers given to them by an enchanted or charming place. However, all but one member of the family—Mirable—lives with a unique gift.

Turning Red

Turning Red is about thirteen-year-old Mei, who is experiencing the awkwardness of being a teenager with a twist. She transforms into a big red panda when she gets excited.

According to Nielsen’s weekly streaming ratings, it streamed a massive 1.701 million minutes in its first week.


A classic movie starring Dwayne Johnson is about an adventurous teenager who sets out on a bold and challenging mission to save her people. She does this with a demigod named Maui guiding her all the way.

Although it was released in 2021, it remains on this list due to its popularity in 2021 and 2022.

These details were given according to the statistics of FlixPatrol. These points were determined through different considerations, such as the number of streaming hours, the number of countries, and the number of days it remained prominent.

What to Expect in the Streaming Industry in the Future

With the trends already taking over the streaming industry, it will be very easy to determine what the future will look like for this industry. However, experts predict the following:

  • Over-the-top (OTT) media services will continue to grow. Their subscribers will continue to increase in the U.S. and worldwide.
  • advancement of the metaverse augmented reality, and virtual reality in the streaming industry.
  • We expect increased collaborations between the streaming and sporting industries.
  • There will be more growth in this industry as 5G technology becomes more widespread.
  • Monetization will become easier through NFTs rather than third parties such as Youtube.

Conclusively, we anticipate even more in the coming years and the addition of new streaming platforms with exciting features.



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