You Might Now See Netflix Movies and Shows Sooner Than Everyone Else

You might now see Netflix movies and shows sooner than everyone else as the Netflix preview club is now expanding its claws.

You Might Now See Netflix Movies and Shows Sooner Than Everyone Else

You Might Now See Netflix Movies and Shows Sooner Than Everyone Else

If you are one of the people that buy into the idea of seeing Netflix movies and shows just before they make their way to the public then you will want to become a part of the Netflix preview club. The Netflix preview club is a group of subscribers on the platform who get to see content quicker in return for feedback and reviews.

As per The Wall Street Journal via TechCrunch, the club right now is opening its doors wider for more users. And at the moment, around 2,000 people are enlisted in the program but that is however set to rise to the tens of thousands in the early parts of 2023, picked from all parts of the world.

Content of the Report by the Wall Street Journal

“Netflix is working to ensure that every dollar spent on content yields the highest level of member attention and engagement across its 223 million-strong subscriber base globally, and comes as streamers more heavily scrutinize content spending and focus more on profitability,” reads the report by the WSJ.

The Netflix Preview Club

The existence of the Netflix Preview Club which is something that is similar to schemes and programs run by other platforms such as Amazon Prime and Hulu prior to this was first revealed by Variety. And as you should know, the practice of getting early feedback on TV programs and films is not a new thing, but it however seems as though Netflix is trying to expand its very own system.

More humor apparently was added to the 2021 Netflix movie Don’t Look UP which is solely based on early audience feedback. This made the movie break early viewing hour records on the streaming platform and service and in the process earned four Oscar nominations as well.

How to Be Part of the Netflix Preview Club

It’s still not clear how exactly people are selected to be part of the Netflix preview club, but we would suggest keeping a keen interest and looking at your email inbox. Netflix presumably will want to ensure that they get a good cross-section of subscribers to hear and get feedback from.


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