How to Charge a Chromebook Without a Charger

In this content, I would be giving you details on how to Charge a Chromebook without making use of a charger. We would be explaining how this process is possible without an AC charge cable.

How to Charge a Chromebook Without a Charger

So, if you happen to have misplaced, forgotten, or even damaged your original power cord, or if the charging port of your Chromebook has issued, then be rest assured that there are still ways to get your Chromebook powered up.

How to Charge Your Chromebook Using USB Type-C Cable

If the Chromebook you are making use of comes with a Type-C port, there might be a chance of you being able to charge your Chromebook using that port.

If you would like to make use of Your Chromebook while it is charging, you would require a charger that offer support to USB PD (USB Power Delivery). If the USB Type-C power is an option, you should find the option available right in your settings.

  • Click “Time” > “Settings”. It is denoted by a gear symbol
  • Click on “Power”
  • Close to “power Source”, click on the USB-C port from which you would like the power to be delivered to your Chromebook

You need to take note that if the Chromebook you are using does not come with this option, charging via USB-C would not be possible and you would not be offered the option to even decide the port you would like to make use of.

Low Power Options

Most times, you should be able to make use of your phone charger to charge your Chromebook, but the charging speed would be very slow. As a matter of fact, if you kept on making use of your Chromebook while charging it using your Phone charger, the battery would still reduce.

The Deal here is that charging your Chromebook using your phone charger is very possible. If the mobile device you are making use of supports two-way power delivery, and if your Chromebook comes with a USB type-C port, your phone should deliver power to your Chromebook. The setup process is not different from what is stated above.

This solution is not a very good one, but it should still get you some extra minutes to save up and shut down your Chromebook.

Battery Situation

To get this done, click on the time located at the bottom right corner. Right next to the date, you’ll see a readout of your current battery power. This would show you much battery life and approximately how much time you have before the Chromebook will die.

You should try to replace your charging cable as soon as you can. None of the alternative ways for you to charge your Chromebook are desirable, so you would try to get a replacement as soon as you can. A site like Amazon would usually carry a much better replacement. Search for your Chromebook by manufacturer and model number to get a much better replacement. But the shipping would take more time. How do you get by in the meantime?

How to Charge Your Chromebook with Your Car Charger

Some Chromebooks Ship with both an AC power cord and a DC power cord for the car. If your Chromebook shipped with an air/car charger, you should be able to use that to charge your Chromebook. The obvious disadvantage here is this requires being in your car to make use of, which is not ideal. But it would keep your Chromebook up and running while you are awaiting a replacement cable.


Why Won’t my Chromebook Charge?

If your Chromebook’s battery would not charge, make sure all cables are plugged in all the way on both the Chromebook and in the outlet and test the outlet for you to make sure that it is getting power. If it would not still charge, unplug the charger right from the Chromebook and the outlet, then plug it back in. And if it still would not charge, perform a hard reset.

How do I Powerwash my Chromebook?

In other Powerwash your Chromebook, open the chrome web browser and open the three dots menu > Settings > Scroll down and select Advanced. Scroll down again to Reset settings and select “Powerwash” > “restart”.

Is There Another Way to Charge a Chromebook?

If you do not have your Chromebook’s original charger, the best option for charging your device is to use a USB Type-C cable with plug Adapter.

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