Comcast Cable Internet With 2-Gigabit Uploads Will Roll Out Soon

Comcast cable internet with 2-gigabit uploads will roll out soon. The cable service of Comcast will be supporting up to 2 Gbps up and down and will start in Colorado Springs.

Comcast Cable Internet With 2-Gigabit Uploads

Comcast Cable Internet With 2-Gigabit Uploads

Comcast as you should know is about to roll out gigabit-plus internet speeds for both upload and download without the need for fiber upgrades that run all the way to the house. The company in question will offer a new “X-Class” service upgrade that reportedly supports up to 2 Gbps downloads and uploads beginning in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in the coming week. The city for those that don’t know was one of the initial places that Comcast launched its 2 Gbps internet service in the previous year, although at that time in question, it still only supported 200Mbps uploads.

Comcast Started Testing Symmetrical Multi-Gigabit DOCSIS 4.0 Technology Back In 2022

The company kicked off testing symmetrical multi-gigabit DOCSIS 4.0 technology back in 2022 making use of multiple cable modems as well as a 10-gig node (which is utilized for the Xfinity 10G brand name to help highlight what is theoretically possible, even if it is not happening any time soon).

Comcast reveals “tens of millions” of homes already have the connections that is needed to support service with the technology with 300 Mbps, 500 Mbps, 1 Gbps, and 2 Gbps plans. And according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, the 300Mbps tier in question will cost $55 per month, and this is inclusive of equipment rentals, and up to $115 per month on the 2 Gbps option on the other hand.

Other Networks to Offer Similar and Better Plans

Fiber broadband speed offerings on the other hand have jumped quickly over recent years, with services such as FiOS of Verizon reportedly offering 500 Mbps internet in 2013 to almost 1 Gbps by 2017. And Verizon as of today, offers 2 Gbps while Google Fiber, AT&T, as well as Frontier are offering 5 Gbps internet. There is even an 8 Gbps option and tier by Optimum that is available in the New York / Tri-State area.

Comcast’s Plans for X-Class Service

After the launch in Colorado Springs, Comcast will then bring X-Class service to the states of Atlanta and Philadelphia by the end of the year and then to “new markets” nationwide over the next couple of years. Comcast will however reach out to customers in the area where the new service in question will go live.



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