ChatGPT Gets Much-Needed Usability Upgrades and Features

ChatGPT gets much-needed usability upgrades and features. In the event that you have stopped making use of the services of ChatGPT, then you just might be tempted back into considering utilizing the services of the too with some newly added tweaks.

ChatGPT Upgrades and Features

ChatGPT Upgrades and Features

ChatGPT’s AI smarts might just be improving rapidly, but the basic user interface of the chatbot’s can still stun beginners. Well, that is all about to improve with six new ChatGPT tweaks that should give its usability a really welcome boost.

OpenAI states that the tweaks to ChatGPT’s user experience will be rolling out “over the next week”, with four of the announced improvements available to all users and two of them in question targeted at ChatGPT Plus subscribers (which as you should know costs $20 / £16 / AU$28 per month).

How the New Updates Will Work For Users

Kicking things off with those very improvements for all users, OpenAI has stated that you will now get “prompt examples” at the start of a new chat just because a “blank page can be intimidating”. ChatGPT already showed off a couple of examples prompts on its homepage, but we very soon should get to see these appear in new chats, too.

Suggested Replies Now Introduced To the Platform

ChatGPT secondly will also give users “suggested replies”. At the moment, when the chatbot has answered your question, you are simply left with the ‘Send a message’ box. And if it is that you are a seasoned ChatGPT user, you will have gradually learned how to improve your ChatGPT prompts and responses, but this new development should speed up the whole process for beginners altogether.

Users Will Now Stay Logged In To the Platform for Longer

A third small improvement that you will get to see soon is that you will stay logged into ChatGPT for a much longer time than before. OpenAI has stated that “you’ll no longer be logged out every two weeks”, and when it is that you do log in to the platform you will be “greeted with a much more welcoming page”. It isn’t still clear as to just how long log-ins will now last, but we are however interested to see just how big an improvement that landing page is going to be.

New Keyboard Shortcuts

A bigger fourth announced change, though, is the reported introduction of keyboard shortcuts. And while there are just six of these, some of them in question could certainly be very handy timesavers – for instance, there are reported shortcuts to just ‘copy last response’ (⌘/Ctrl + Shift + C) as well as ‘toggle sidebar’ (⌘/Ctrl + Shift + C). There is also an extra one in bringing up the full list (⌘/Ctrl + /).

What about those other two improvements for ChatGPT Plus subscribers? The biggest one of them is the ability to upload multiple files for ChatGPT to help analyze. You will very soon be able to ask the chatbot to help you to analyze data and then serve up insights across multiple files. This in question will be available in the Code Interpreter Beta, which is a new tool that allows you to convert files, make charts, perform data analysis, as well as trim videos, and many more.

The Last New Update

ChatGPT Plus subscribers lastly will finally find that the chatbot reverts to its GPT-4 model by default. At the moment, there is a toggle located at the top of the ChatGPT screen that allows you to easily switch from the older GPT-3.5 model to GPT-4 (which as you should know is only available to Plus subscribers), but this in question will now remain switched to the latter in the event that you are a subscriber.

These six changes Collectively certainly are not as dramatic as the move to GPT-4 back in March, which at the time delivered a massive upgrade, for instance, OpenAI stated that GPT-4 is “40% more likely to provide factual content” than GPT-3.5. But they however should make it more approachable for beginners, who. may just have left the chatbot behind after the initial hype.



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