India Prohibits Importation of Foreign-Made Laptops and Others

India prohibits importation of foreign-made laptops and others which is inclusive of tablets and servers. The reason for the restrictions is simple. The county hopes that the new restrictions put in place will help to encourage domestic manufacturing.

India Prohibits Importation of Foreign-Made Laptops

India Prohibits Importation of Foreign-Made Laptops

India has now added even more devices to its growing list of those that will be requiring authorization for import. But even at that, it is not all that it seems, as citizens of the country and region will still very much be able to buy and trade machines that are from all of the top manufacturers.

The revised rules in question are designed to encourage companies both local and international to manufacture devices in India, and thus raising import costs simply by introducing permits is one such important and brilliant way of ensuring increased domestic manufacturing.

Laptops, tablets, as well as all-in-one personal computers, ultra-small form factor computers, and even servers are all affected with immediate effect due to this new development.

The letter, which is signed by Santosh Kumar Sarangi, the Director General of Foreign Trade in  India, helps to detail the amendment of the Foreign Trade (Development & Regulation) Act of 1992.

How the New Restriction Will Work

The newly restricted items in question will, from right about now, require a valid License for Restricted Import, although there are some exceptions to the very rule. And most importantly, consumers will still very much be able to buy and even import devices as part of the Baggage Rules, although the document in question highlights that these too can as well be amended “from time to time.”

You however should know that research and development, testing, benchmarking as well as evaluation, repair and even re-export, and then other development purposes are all allowable for the very first 20 items of each consignment, too.

Other Restrictions in India

This news in question follows very similar news from around three years ago that got to see the country place import restrictions on smart TVs. It also comes just a couple of weeks after the announcement of $2 billion in funding which is aimed at promoting local hardware manufacturing, as well.

Many Tech Companies Have Started To Deliver On Promises

Dell, HP, and Cisco already, have started to commit or begin delivering on promises in a bid to ramp up manufacturing in India. The move in question is also hoped to encourage manufacturers of cheaper devices to have a fair stab at the market in general in the region, thus given that many Indian citizens are living way below the poverty line, though this figure in question has drastically improved in more recent years.



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