How to Transfer a Video From an iPhone to PC

In this article, we would be giving details on how to transfer a Video From an iPhone to PC. Are you interested in transferring videos from your iPhone directly to your PC but do not know how to get it done?

How to Transfer a Video From an iPhone to PC

Each year, tons of users purchase their very first iPhone, and even the most basic tasks, like downloading and installing of new apps, can turn out to be daunting for a lot of them. Well, clearly it matters not if the iPhone is your first smartphone or you have switched straight from Android to iOS – it actually takes time for you to balance the usage and one of them being file transfer.

How to Transfer a Video From an iPhone to a PC

Apple makes sure that the users are offered the best connectivity between their devices, assuming that they choose to stick with the Apple ecosystem. Let’s say if you are interested in sharing a video directly from an iPhone to an iPad or Mac, that can be done via AirDrop.

However, this remains true for third-party devices like windows PCs or laptops. That is not to say that you cannot transfer videos from your iPhone directly to your PC, but it turns out to be even more complicated than transferring from an Apple device to another Apple device.

Well with that stated, there are tons of easy ways for you to share videos or Photos directly from an iPhone to a windows computer. The easiest methods involved in transferring app via a windows app, photos or files manager, or explorer.

However, if you would like to conclude the transfer of data via wireless means, that can be done via the help of Apple’s cloud storage platform iCloud, or third-party online storage providers like Google Drive or WeTransfer.

How to Transfer Video From an iPhone to a PC Via Microsoft Photos

let us kick off the process of transferring your videos via Microsoft Photos. In other to carry out this method, you would need to keep your iPhone and a USB-cable handy.

The very first method for you to transfer a video from an iPhone to a PC is the easiest. You are not required to install any app or set up a cloud storage platform for this process to work. This process is a wired transfer, so you would need a lightning cable with the right USB connector to plug into your computer.

  • First, unlock your iPhone
  • Then plug in your lightning cable on your iPhone and the other end to your PC.
  • After that, tap allow on the pop-up that reads, “Allow this device to gain access to your Photos and Videos?”
  • Right on the PC, launch the start menu, and then select the Photos app.
  • Click on import and then select “from a connected device.”
  • Select from your iPhone in the “Choose a device to import from” Prompt

It might take your PC some moments for it to read the Photos and videos that is on your iPhone. Once you are done with that, it would display the media files on your Phone. Select the videos that you would like to import and the choice of where you would like to save them on your PC. Finally, click on the “Import select” button that is on the screen. With this, the selected videos would be imported in no time.

How to Transfer a Video From an iPhone to a PC Via File Explorer

If you are making use of a windows laptop, then you should also have no problem with transferring videos. To make use of this method, you would require a USB cable. The steps include:

  • First, connect your iPhone to the PC using the USB Cable
  • Then right on your iPhone, tap “Allow” on the prompt that asks about sharing photos and videos to the device connected.
  • On your computer, head to “This PC” and then on your iPhone’s name located under “Devices and drives.”
  • Right-click on your iPhone and then select “import pictures and videos.”
  • Click on wait for a few minutes as your PC looks for Pictures and videos on your iPhone.
  • Select “Review, Organize, and group items in other to import.” Click next.
  • Select the videos that you would like to import and then click on Import to have the transferred from your iPhone to your PC.

You can also choose to click on your iPhone’s name located under the “Devices and drivers section,” click on Internal storage and select DCIM. You would find pictures and videos on your iPhone stored in different folders.

How to Transfer Videos From iPhone to PC Using iCloud

You can choose to make use of iCloud to transfer your videos to your PC. For this method to work, you would have to set up your iCloud on your iPhone and your Windows PC making use of the same Apple ID. Once you have done that, upload all your videos to iCloud directly from your iPhone and then download them to your PC.


Why can’t I Transfer Videos From iPhone to PC?

Check if your windows PC or your iPhone is running on the latest iOS. You need to make sure that your iTunes is updated to the latest version. You can Try to connect iPhone by making use of a different Apple USB cable. Then try to restart your iPhone and PC.

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to PC?

You can do this wirelessly, with emails, messages, or Airdrop. Using any of these methods means you would be sending the files and you would have to download them on the other device.

Can I Transfer Photos from my iPhone Directly to my PC?

You can easily transfer photos straight from your iPhone to your PC by just importing them into the windows photos app, dropping them directly into the default pictures folder, or uploading them via the iCloud Photos Library. You can import an image from iPhone to Mac using the photo transfer feature in the Photos app, or via Airdrop.

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