ChatGPT is Now Available for Android

ChatGPT is now available for Android. OpenAI has now released a new dedicated ChatGPT app for Android users in four regions/countries all over the world after the iOS version launched back in May.

ChatGPT for Android

ChatGPT for Android

The ChatGPT for Android app as you should know is now available in the Google Play Store, launching a couple of months after the free iOS app brought the chatbot to both iPhones and iPads. And according to a company tweet, it is now available first in the US, India, Bangladesh, and Brazil, with other regions and countries set to follow suit with the development later, mimicking the staged rollout that we got to see for the iOS version.

OpenAI on July 27th, announced additional availability, thus saying that the Android ChatGPT app is now available in Argentina, Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, the Philippines, the UK, as well as South Korea.

And as we noted prior to this, the launch of an Android app is coming just after Sensor Tower and Similarweb data showed drops in web traffic and app installations for the month of June.

The GPT-4 Model of OpenAI

ChatGPT as you should have known in case you have been following up with AI news had been the poster child for explosive success until the launch of Threads, and it is still unclear as to whether the hype will continue or if it has suddenly found a plateau.

The GPT-4 model of OpenAI also powers the Bing AI chatbot, which has reportedly been available on Android for many months now, while Google’s Bard AI on the other hand relies on a web interface only instead of relying on a dedicated app.  And while many tech companies and firms are rolling out AI-powered tools for mobile apps, so far, Apple has not launched any chatbot of its own, but a recent report from Bloomberg states that the company is already testing one internally.

ChatGPT on iOS

ChatGPT, which is the revolutionary and controversial artificial intelligence chatbot is already available to utilize on the iPad and iPhone through the app store. This means that if you are interested in the services of the app on your iOS device, you can easily download the app for free on the Apple app store. ChatGPT’s parent company OpenAI officially released the app back in mid-May which was a really smart move at the time. The reason for it being a smart move is the fact that at the time, there were tons of fakes and copycats in the market after ChatGPT was released in late 2022.

Making use of the ChatGPT app on your iOS device is simple. And just as mentioned already in this post, you will need to download the app from Apple’s app store. And after you have downloaded the very app, you will need to open or launch the app. Note that you will be prompted to sign in to your OpenAI account in the event you don’t have one, and just in case you don’t have one you can sign up for one for free by tapping on the sign up button. That’s it.



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