Microsoft’s New Xbox Home UI Is Now Available to Users

Microsoft’s new Xbox Home UI is now available to users. After close to a year of testing, the new Xbox Home experience now includes more room for user backgrounds as well as fast access to games, the store, and lastly the settings.

Microsoft’s New Xbox Home UI

Microsoft’s New Xbox Home UI

Microsoft initially started testing a new Xbox Home UI close to a year ago, and the company is now finally ready to deliver it to all owners of Xbox. Beginning today, an overhaul to the Xbox Home interface will be rolled out to all Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One consoles, with reportedly more space for backgrounds as well as quick access to the store, search, and settings.

The new Xbox Home experience will begin rolling out today “to a subset of all Xbox consoles,” as per senior product manager lead for Xbox experiences, Ivy Krislov. “This means that some customers will need to wait a few weeks to get their hands on it.”

Changes That Users Will See with the New Interface

The biggest change that you will get to notice immediately is a reworked UI that pushes the tiled interface more down in favor of more space for users to see backgrounds. You should know that Microsoft did initially test a new UI that still covered up the whole background, but fans of Xbox made it clear in feedback that they really wanted something different.

When we first showed Xbox Insiders what we were working on we heard your feedback clearly – you wanted more room to show off custom backgrounds or game art, quicker navigation options, and more personalization,” Krislov said.

The sizes of the tiles have now been reduced, and the company (Microsoft) has even included a new responsive game art feature that will help to update the background when you get to hover over certain games as well as apps.

Other Notable Changes

Well, above the main home interface is located a new floating UI that provides quick access to the game and app library, Microsoft Store, Xbox Game Pass, search, and even settings. This quick access menu on the other hand makes it a lot faster to navigate into your game library or your settings.

And as you get to scroll down the rest of the interface, you will also notice new curated and personalized lists as well as a widget-like type of interface for friends and community updates. The initial Xbox Home UI testing of Microsoft made this very part of the experience feel like a giant Game Pass ad, but the ability for users to customize it with pinned games, as well as groups such as Quick Resume, makes it quite a lot more personalized. I would however still like to be able to take away some of this Xbox Game Pass content, though.

Rollout Out Of the New UI

Microsoft is at the moment rolling out the new UI over the next couple of weeks, and once your Xbox console finally gets the update, you will be able to walk through the customization options in a bid to tweak things just exactly how you want them.



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