Google Chat – New Google Chat UI – Google Chat Update

The Google Chat feature is said to be the latest solution from Google. It was formerly known as Hangouts Chat. This service can be used by G Suite customers. Chat is created for teams and businesses to communicate and collaborate together. It can be used for a 1 on 1 conversation, group chat rooms, or sharing files in Google Docs, sheets, and slides.

Google Chat

Here is more about the Chat you should know. Read through this article to get some of its information.

Google Chat

The Progressive Web App (PWA) was introduced by Google to its chat in May 2020. This can be installed in Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux.

But be sure that you require a Google Chrome 73 or higher to be installed on your device. Follow the steps to install it on your device.

If it isn’t installed on your device yet, you will a pop-up prompt to install the Chat app.

  • If not, click on the three-dot menu at the top right section of Chrome.
  • Then select Install Google Chat from the options.
  • And click Install.

That’s all. It will be installed on your computer and appear in the menu. You can also launch it by entering “chrome://apps” on your Chrome browser and click on Chat.

Google Chat Update

If your Chat notification is interrupting your workspace, you can now adjust the notification setting on desktop and mobile.

Google has upgraded the options for notification settings in both Chat and Chat in Gmail. You can tweak it to Notify always, Notify less, and Notification off.

With the Notify always option enabled, users will get notifications for every message. And new messages will be displayed.

While for the Notify less option, the notifications and badges you’ll receive to direct mentions, @all mentions, and follow threads.

By choosing Notifications off, users won’t get notifications. But they will get a badge if they are directly mentioned.

New Google Chat UI

Google has announced that it will soon feature out a new and upgraded UI for the service on the web. There are more options to be worked on the service interface on the web and application.

The new platform will look like that of Chat in Gmail. This is to allow users access to a more consistent and predictable experience.

There are other changes to Chat’s user interface. And this allows users to access shared files and tasks via options at the top of a room.

It also makes it possible to use the search bar to search for content in all rooms and direct messages. A major change to Chat’s UI is the quick access side panel on the right section just like Gmail.

This was added to give users direct access to other Google software like Calendar, Keep, Tasks and Maps. The Chat is now the best option for work from home users with all important options on the chat interface for a better experience.

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