Telsa Reportedly Under another Government Investigation

Telsa is reportedly yet under another government investigation over false advertising and autopilot issues. The electric car company by Elon Musk has added yet another investigation to its already vast collection.

Telsa under Government Investigation

Telsa under Government Investigation

Tesla is at the moment facing a new investigation with the attorney general’s office in California currently looking into safety issues with the Autopilot feature of the company as well as its marketing practices, CNBC  on Wednesday reported.

The outlet was recently tipped off to the investigation by Greg Wester, a Tesla owner, who California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s office called to ask about his August 2022 Federal Trade Commission complaint regarding his Tesla’s “phantom braking” issue and what he believed to be misleading claims surrounding the Full Self-Driving (FSD) system of the company.

Elon Musk Claim About His Cars’ Fully Driverless Capabilities 

Elon Musk, Tesla CEO’s claim about his cars’ fully driverless capabilities dates back to 2016 when he stated that all new Tesla Electric Vehicles would have the necessary hardware for it. The company in fact has been dragging its feet on the matter for so long that it is now reportedly giving drivers a “one-time” transfer of their purchased upgrade directly to their next EV from the company.

Tesla is having quite a moment, and I’m not referring to it having finally produced a Cybertruck in its Texas plant or its charging standard effectively winning the EV charging standard war in the United States. It is also in a heap of both legal and regulatory battles regarding safety issues with its cars.

Telsa Is Being Sued In the State Of California by Owners

The company at the moment is being sued in the state of California by owners that are now complaining about “phantom braking” thus alleging Tesla’s cars will abruptly brake while in Autopilot mode for seemingly no form of reason at all. Thousands of the company’s cars In China are being recalled for the very same reason. And back in the US, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has started its very own investigation of the car’s strange alleged braking characteristics.

Other Telsa Investigations

That’s however not all. The Department of Justice is also looking into the potential criminal liability of Tesla for at least some of the crashes, both fatal and well, not, that are related to its Autopilot problem which is an issue that could be more widespread than was previously understood.

And the NHTSA also is actively investigating more than a dozen incidents in which Teslas with Autopilot have crashed into stationary emergency vehicles. The agency however has also forced the company to issue a recall of more than 360,000 Telsa with FSD beta installed in them (though the recall is just really a compulsory software update).

Attorney General Bonta’s office has declined to confirm or deny the investigation.



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