Apple Music vs YouTube Music: A direct Comparison

This comparison, Apple Music vs YouTube Music is just like comparing iOS and Android mobile apps. There are some users already saying Apple Music and YouTube Music beat Spotify.

Though both of these platforms are accessed on not same operating software’s. But either of them is both music streaming platforms.

This is a reason why I will be comparing the best between Apple Music vs YouTube Music. So, read more on this article to get the better option among both of the music streaming platforms.

Apple Music vs YouTube Music

Apple Music vs YouTube Music

The comparison between Apple Music vs YouTube Music will be categorized under several topics. We will be discussing majorly price, music collection, lists and recommendation, user interface, and app usability.

Without further explanation, let’s begin with the categorized differences between both music streaming platforms.


YouTube offers a free trial which is longer than that of Apple’s free trial. After the free, YouTube will cost you same almost the same amount as Apple Music.

The YouTube platform also offers a package for users to pay a little extra and also a YouTube Premium too. There is the availability of family and student plan that offers a nice discount for certain users.

Users cannot play music in the background on their mobile devices unless they are subscribed to the monthly plan.

Apple Music plan is similar to that of Spotify. They offer a monthly charge that can be tuned to an annual fee. There is also the student discount and the family discount.

Music Collection

Although Apple has been in the music industry for a longer period than Google but does not have a massive music library like YouTube. Major contents from YouTube are from independent creators.

Both YouTube Music and Apple Music are having problems with consolidation. Meaning, YouTube Music lets users view videos but does not allow podcasts.

But Apple has podcasts, but not located within the Apple Music features. Apple created another for its video and its music but focused on Music content.

Lists And Recommendations

For lists and recommendations, Apple wins Google’s YouTube Music. Apple has collected lots of information on what users like and respond to. Apple also has a team of editors who create playlists and group songs based on what users like.

YouTube operates based on information from Google users. With this, users will always get the broadest matches.

User Interface and App Usability

Apple has got an upper hand in this section. Its interface is clean and it is very easy to access and use. The app is arranged with features sorted, categorized, and users can easily navigate in the Apple Music platform.

YouTube Music interface is often busy with many features. The YouTube Music app has a way of forcing its highly paid affiliate content in users’ faces. So, you will get to see more displayed ads on the platform.


You must have come to your conclusion about Apple Music vs YouTube Music. As per my choice, YouTube Music has more to offer than Apple Music.

The Apple Music App is built basically into the Apple ecosystem, hereby only accessed by Apple users.

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