Best Text Messaging Apps

Best Text Messaging Apps would be stated below in this content. Texting is still very famous in countries like the US, and while your friends and family may not text you as often, you probably get dozens of text messages from businesses and service providers every year.

Best Text Messaging Apps

Even in the chat platforms like Telegram, WhatsApp, and other services have risen to prominence in recent years, old text messages have had to take a break.

You can track all those messages on your phone, to track them you need a better app. therefore, there is a selected best SMS app for Android that you can download right now.

Best Text Messaging Apps

The messaging app gives support for sending text messages through your computer or virtually any device that has a browser.

You can use the app to send messages in groups, emojis, GIFs, stickers, videos, and audio messages. Additionally, you get the [power of Google assistance right in your SMS app. The Following are the best top Text messaging apps:


QKSMS is one of the youngest apps, the developer is adding features a fixing bugs fast. Users can communicate with large groups at the same time including the group messaging feature.

When you receive a new message, a window will appear that has the message and allows you to reply to it from there, without having to open the application.

Users can set different notification settings per user as an easy way to know who is sending messages without having to look at the actual message.

SMS Pulse

Pulse SMS is one of the greatest sole texting apps on the list. It’s like a slightly standard SMS app for the most part. Though, there is also a back-end that will allow you to send text messages from your PC, tablet, and other devices.

In addition, it also supports dual SIM devices, blacklisted phone numbers, message backup, and more. The texting part of the app is completely free.

Be Quiet App

This is an encrypted text messaging app; silence naturally gives a decent selection of security features. for starters, all messages stored on your phone are fully encrypted, reducing the risk of them being accessed without your knowledge.

You can send messages to anyone, not just silence users. Additionally, you will need to configure a passphrase to enable encryption at rest.

Chew SMS App

The Chew SMS App is available on Android. It is true that there are applications available to manage SMS in a smarter way. However, such apps, like the native SMS app on Android phones, are quite complex.

If you are also of the opinion, try Chomp SMS, Chomp SMS is a free application available for Android smartphones that makes the whole process of receiving, managing, and sending SMS a little easier.


The YAATA is an app that follows the rules of material design, which is a plus. When you open a conversation, you can see a plus button in the text box.

This button brings up a bunch of extra features you can use like attaching a picture, recording and sending an audio message, scheduling a massage, or a host of other features if you click on the 3 dots.

SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer, a Microsoft Garage Project, is a FREE application that helps you focus on the SMS that is important to you. Smart reminders.

You will be reminded of upcoming trips, movies, and bill payments using SMS information through timely notifications and reminder cards.


Hope you understand the list of the best text messaging apps, if you don’t understand drop a comment. But if you understand, and it helps you, please share this list with family and friends.


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