Amazing New Games for Xbox 2021 – Xbox Games of 2021

Amazing New Games for Xbox 2021. One of the latest generations of the Xbox consoles recently celebrated their one-year birthday, though, like the PS5, your chances of easily purchasing one aren’t so great (the $300 Series S is a lot easier to locate in stock than the $500 Series X is).

Amazing New Games for Xbox 2021

Well, so far, there have been some must-play games that have been released on Xbox in the past year that makes searching for one of these consoles worth the effort.

Xbox Games of 2021

Recently, we have pulled in some great games. Thankfully, a lot of them are available via game Pass Ultimate subscription. That offers you access to online multiplayer, and access to a library of games for a flat monthly fee.

Halo Infinite

We would be starting this list with the Halo Infinite. The latest (long in development) installment in the cherished sci-fi first-person shooter franchise delivers a huge campaign, along with a free-to-play multiplayer mode.

When it comes to how it stacks up to the classic Halo games released in the aughts, Infinite certainly offers lots of nods to its past, while equipping Master Chief with crisp, detailed visuals and new tools that include the grappling hook, that makes the gameplay gets better.

Forza Horizon 5

When compared to Forza Motorsport, a racing sim that allows you to race on renowned tracks around the world, Forza Horizon is about letting you go off-road and explore. Among the latest games available in the series, one of the best entries is the Forza 5, placing your wheels down in a fictionalized take on Mexico.

The game is not a game that takes itself too seriously, both when it comes to the objectives and how the game talks to the player. You get to take part in different festival challenges, trying to become the best racer around, and you get to play Online with others If you are looking forward to actual humans instead of racing against AI.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Flight simulator available for Windows PC has been one of the best and the most realistic ways to imagine what it would be like to be the pilot of a small jet or plane. One of the latest iterations of the Flight Simulator is located on the latest Xbox consoles, where it goes out possessing impressive graphics and great intelligent cloud technology that pulls in localized weather data in real-time.

The Ascent

If you felt burned by cyberpunk 2077 on consoles last year but you cannot quench your thirst for that cyberpunk aesthetic, check out The ascent. It’s one twin-stick isometric shooter that possesses an RPG element with fast gameplay.

This game was developed by a small team but is packed with detailed environments, branching dialog options to allow players to play just as they choose, and deep RPG elements to allow you to build up your character to possess the strengths in hacking, weaponry, and many more.


Some small set of teams in London created Sable, an exploration game that’s delightfully low on things that you need to track of or fight against. Compared to some open-world games, Sable happens to be an experience that’s created to allow you to appreciate the awesomeness of the game.


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