Africa Europe Foundation Partners Initiative 2023 – APPLY NOW!

The Africa-Europe Foundation (AEF) is launching the New Partners Initiative, an exciting program that aims to foster cooperation between Africa and Europe by supporting youth-led grassroots initiatives. This initiative focuses on engaging new audiences and developing projects centered around the theme of “Blue Economy and Ocean Governance.”

Africa-Europe Foundation Partners Initiative

Through micro-awards, mentorship, and access to a global network of experts, the Partners Initiative seeks to amplify the impact of these initiatives and drive positive change in Africa-Europe cooperation.

Africa Europe Foundation Partners Initiative 2023

In an effort to strengthen collaboration between Africa and Europe, the Africa-Europe Foundation (AEF) has launched the Partners Initiative. This initiative aims to empower youth-led projects and foster engagement between the two continents.

By providing financial support, mentorship, and access to a global network of experts, the AEF seeks to drive impactful change in priority areas of Africa-Europe cooperation.

About Africa Europe Foundation (AEF)

The Africa-Europe Foundation (AEF) is a platform that brings together stakeholders from Africa and Europe to collaborate and address common challenges. It serves as a bridge between the two continents, promoting dialogue, cooperation, and mutual understanding. The foundation strives to promote sustainable development, inclusivity, and innovation.

The New Partners Initiative is an integral part of the Africa-Europe Foundation’s efforts to engage new audiences and support grassroots initiatives. Through this initiative, the AEF aims to identify and amplify projects that contribute to Africa-Europe cooperation and create a positive impact on society.


The Partners Initiative has several key objectives:

  • Support youth-led projects: The initiative aims to provide financial support and resources to youth-led initiatives that have the potential to drive change and make a meaningful impact.
  • Foster collaboration: By connecting young leaders from Africa and Europe, the initiative encourages cross-cultural exchange and collaboration, fostering a sense of shared purpose and understanding.
  • Promote innovation: The Partners Initiative seeks to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among young people, particularly in the domain of the Blue Economy and Ocean Governance.


The Africa-Europe Foundation (AEF) Partners Initiative offers an award worth up to €5,000 Euros.

Successful Candidates will also have access to mentorship and expertise from AEF’s global network.

Eligibility Criteria for the AEF Partners Initiative

  • The AEF Partners Initiative program is open to youth-led organizations, civil society forums, or NGO
  • These Organizations must be inspiring, empowering, and connecting local youth actors through dialogue to help shape a strong, mutually beneficial partnership between Africa and Europe,
  • To be considered, the initiatives are expected to take the form of grass root projects, workshops, town halls, and convenings to scale the visibility and impact of projects on priority areas of Africa-Europe cooperation.


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