YouTube Partners Program now has 2 Million Users Says YouTube

From recent updates, YouTube Partners Program now has 2 million Users Says YouTube. YouTube partners program was launched 14 years ago and since then, its aim is to pay its creators. Today (Monday 23, August 2021), YouTubes’s partner program was said to have crossed the 2 million creator mark. This news was provided by the company (YouTube). Just in case you aren’t aware, YouTube’s partner program is a program that allows users to make money off their videos.

YouTube Partners Program now has 2 million Users Says YouTube

Without a doubt, this partner’s program has helped turn YouTube into a variable business. Many top creators are making money off this partner’s program. You however how to be eligible for this program and get accepted before you can begin making money off of it.

YouTube Claims its Partners Program now has 2 million Users

The announcement from the company may come as a shock to some people but it was to be expected. Every day, new people create a YouTube account and try to apply for the partner’s program. Creators who qualify for the partner program can earn money through subscription fees, ads, live streaming, donations, and YouTube premium revenue.

The Google-owned company YouTube has sometimes struggled as advertisers decide to pull their ads from channels that engage in harassment or other problematic content. On a regular basis, YouTube takes a cut of eligible creator’s ad revenue. However, if advertisers are not happy and decide to pull their ads, they too lose.

How Do I Become Eligible for YouTube’s Partner Program?

In other to begin using the partner’s program offered by YouTube, you need to meet certain requirements. These requirements are what we are going to discuss below.

  • You need at least one thousand (1,000) subscribers.
  • Lastly, you need at least four thousand (4,000) hours of overall watch time on your channel in the past twelve months.

In addition to this, YouTube will automatically send you a mail once you are eligible for the partner’s program.


While there are requirements to be eligible for the creator’s program, you should take note that if you do not create original content, you will not be accepted into the partner program. There are several ways to create original content. You could purchase a camera and take random photos and use them to make documentaries, record a video of you dancing, and so on.


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