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The Future is Female Mentorship Program 2023 is an incredible opportunity for early-stage African female tech founders to receive the support and guidance they need to thrive in the competitive tech industry. This program, dedicated exclusively to the business development needs of African female tech founders, aims to empower and uplift this often overlooked group.

Future is Female Mentorship Program

Through a comprehensive curriculum and mentorship sessions, the program equips participants with essential PR and communications skills to raise the visibility of their startups and attract customers, media coverage, partners, and investment.

Future is Female Mentorship Program 2023

In today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape, diversity and inclusivity are crucial for fostering innovation and driving sustainable growth. However, African female tech founders often face significant challenges and obstacles in accessing the necessary resources and support to succeed. The Future is Female Mentorship Program 2023 aims to bridge this gap by providing targeted assistance and mentorship to empower African female tech founders.

The male-dominated tech industry often neglects the unique perspectives and talents of African female entrepreneurs. The Future is Female Mentorship Program recognizes this disparity and seeks to address it head-on. By offering a dedicated platform for African female tech founders, the program aims to create an inclusive environment that nurtures talent, fosters collaboration and accelerates the growth of their startups.

Insights into PR and Communications Fundamentals

The program curriculum delves into the fundamentals of PR and communications, equipping participants with valuable skills that can elevate their startups’ visibility. Mentees gain insights into crafting compelling narratives, honing their messaging, and effectively communicating their brand story to diverse audiences. By mastering these fundamental skills, participants can effectively engage with stakeholders and attract the attention their startups deserve.

A well-defined communications plan is essential for any startup’s success. Through the Future is Female Mentorship Program, participants learn how to develop a strategic communications plan tailored to their unique business objectives. Mentees gain a deeper understanding of identifying target audiences, choosing appropriate communication channels, and leveraging media opportunities to amplify their startups’ reach.


  • The mentorship program will have an online session with Allison+Partners Director, Claudine Moore, professors from Africa, New York University
  • Participants will also join virtual sessions with Allison+partners team members and leading experts from the tech ecosystem specific to their business and sector.
  • Opportunity to gain insight into the fundamentals of PR and communications for Africa-focused startups.
  • The Program will review the Theme, Tone, and Timing of communications and content creation.
  • Participants will receive information on how to create an actionable communication campaign.
  • Successful Candidates will receive tips on business relationship development with a cross-section of stakeholders.

Eligibility Criteria

  • To be considered, the business should be less than two years old.
  • Applicants must be female-founded or have at least one woman who is part of the co-founder team.
  • The company must be focused on Africa and its markets or Africans in the Diaspora and is an early-stage startup
  • Candidates should have a business plan in place with a minimum viable product (MVP).
  • The business should have a functional website and must have been launched, having initial traction (i.e., money, users, etc.)
  • Although the mentorship program is open to applications from a variety of businesses and sectors, however, startups that focus on health, education, finance, agriculture, and sustainability will be given special consideration.
  • Businesses that address the needs of African women and girls in African markets or the Diaspora, will receive special preference

How to Apply for the Future is Female Mentorship Program 2023

To apply for the 2023 edition of the Future is Female Mentorship Program:

  • All interested and qualified Candidates should Go to the official application page on: form.typeform.com/to/kRiX9mgq
  • Click the “Continue” button
  • Provide your full name and click “OK”
  • Enter your email address
  • You will need to specify how you heard about the program
  • Enter your country of birth and click “Ok”
  • Follow the prompt information shown to you to complete your application


How can I apply for the Future is Female Mentorship Program 2023?

To apply for the Future is Female Mentorship Program 2023, visit the official website at form.typeform.com/to/kRiX9mgq and follow the application instructions provided.

What is the eligibility for the Future is Female Mentorship Program?

The program is exclusively open to early-stage African female tech founders. Applicants must meet the specified criteria outlined on the program’s website to be considered for selection.

How long does the mentorship program last?

The Future is Female Mentorship Program spans three months, during which mentees engage in mentorship sessions, workshops, and collaborative activities.

What are the expected outcomes of the program?

The program aims to enhance the visibility of participants’ startups, attract customers, media coverage, partners, and direct investment. Additionally, the program seeks to empower and support African female tech founders throughout their entrepreneurial journey.

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