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Impact Heroes are visionary leaders driven by an insatiable desire to impact their communities. They are role models for future generations and have an intrinsic potential to inspire the rest of the world.

2024 Earth Company Impact Hero

Their work seeks paradigm shifts, innovative, inclusive pathways that leave no one behind, and the creation of a regenerative, sustainable future.

2024 Earth Company Impact Hero

This strategy is markedly different from mere imitations of today’s advanced countries, which face their own social and environmental issues.

Earth Company will choose a cohort of up to ten extraordinary change-makers who can influence the future of developing countries in the Asia-Pacific region to participate in their year-long Lead-to-Regenerate (L2R) Acceleration Program. Throughout the program, one hero will be named “Impact Hero of the Year.”


The “Impact Hero of the Year” winner will receive additional customized support from Earth Company.


  • Open to applicants working on projects in the following Asia-Pacific developing countries: Vietnam, Vanuatu, Tuvalu, Tonga, Tokelau, Timor-Leste, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Solomon Island, Samoa, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Palau, Pakistan, North Korea, Niue, New Caledonia, Nepal, Nauru, Myanmar, Mongolia, Micronesia, Marshall Island, Maldives, Malaysia, Laos, Kiribati, Indonesia, India
  • Most successful candidates will lead organisations with annual budgets ranging from $100,000 to $1,000,000. Also significant are organisational maturity, country, age, gender, and academic credentials.
  • Profit and non-profit organisations, as well as everything in between, are all eligible.
  • Former applicants, candidates, and Impact Hero finalists are all eligible.

Characteristics of Impact Heroes

Authentic: The motivation’s integrity and honesty.

Irreplaceable: A one-of-a-kind role that cannot be replaced.

Future-focused: seeks to realise alternate futures marked by inclusivity and regeneration.

Passionate: A person filled with zeal, enthusiasm, and conviction in his or her life’s work.

Extraordinary ability to inspire the globe through his or her life work.

Leadership: the ability to lead his or her society or country to a better future.

Grounded: A role model who has earned the community’s trust and respect.


The deadline is August 31, 2023.

How to Apply

  • Fill out the application form by clicking here.
  • Send us a video statement: Make a video of yourself answering the following questions: Why do you consider yourself an impact hero? Within a maximum of one minute
  • Inform and persuade the organisers of your narrative.
  • Upload it to YouTube as an unlisted video or Google Drive and include it in your application form.
  • Any video that is more than one minute long will not be evaluated.


What exactly is an Impact Hero?

Impact Heroes are visionary leaders who are driven by an insatiable desire to impact their communities.

Is everyone eligible to apply?

Eligible applicants must be working on projects in Asia-Pacific developing nations. As already said.

What kind of Impact Hero app is this?

The class of 2024

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