Overwatch 2 New Character Won’t Get a Public Test

Overwatch 2 New Character Won’t Get a Public Test which is quite unfortunate. Currently, it seems like blizzard would not be holding any more public playtests for Overwatch 2, leaving the fans waiting till the October release to see the game’s final new hero.

Overwatch 2 New Character Won’t Get a Public Test

Two overwatch 2 beta tests ran at the beginning of the year, allowing players to test overwatch 2’s new push game mode, and 5v5 overhaul. But, it would take some months before the fans can choose to jump right back in, with Overwatch Vice president and commercial lead, Jon Spector, announcing the end of the beta schedule.

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Overwatch 2 New Character Won’t Get a Public Test

The Spector stated in a tweet that “Today marks just two months until Overwatch 2’s launch,”. “We know that players are eager to dive right in and have seen questions about the possibility of a third public beta. While we keep on testing OW2 daily internally, we are not planning any additional public beta tests.

“With all the valuable feedback we received from our alpha and two public beta tests, we will be focusing our efforts on launching the best game possible on October 4.”

A Fast-Growing Colorful Cast

Some people in the Overwatch community speculated that a third beta was on the way, expecting Blizzard to make use of the opportunity to reveal the sequel’s final new hero. Sojourn was introduced right before the first public playtest, while Junker Queen made her appearance not so long before the second. But we are yet to see much concerning the third addition to Overwatch 2’s roster.

There have been some teases. The Overwatch 2 release date trailer briefly shows a ghostly blue fox jumping right on a map, while Blizzard hinted that an unnamed character is in some way linked to a fox during the final moments of the second beta. Also, Blizzard has confirmed that they would be a support hero, and will be available to play from day one. Just what is their name, or what abilities they possess still remains a mystery.

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Blizzard’s New Hero

Blizzard would most likely reveal the new hero sometime in the next few weeks, as it stirs up some excitement ahead of it launch. Even so, dedicated fans would not be offered the chance to play around with the character right before the full game is in their hands.

That is not the only mystery character that would be coming down the line. As part of Overwatch 2’s new battle pass system, brand new seasons of content would be rolled out every nine weeks. Each update is expected to introduce new cosmetics and playable content, which includes maps and heroes. So far, we know the first three seasons would extend all the way to next year February, and would each introduce a new hero.

At the moment, players might want to be even more concerned about Overwatch 2’s monetization system. Although the game has been set to ditch look boxes in favor of a rotating cosmetics shop, the recent pricing suggestion has scared a lot of fans. It would not be so long before we would see all of Overwatch 2’s mysteries get revealed.

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