You Should Expect Even Cheaper 4K TVs Soon

You should expect even cheaper 4K TVs soon all thanks to a rush in the drop of prices. And right now, experts claim that the battle for prices soon is about to start steaming up.

You Should Expect Even Cheaper 4K TVs Soon

You Should Expect Even Cheaper 4K TVs Soon

In the last couple of months, we have been doing some research behind the scenes in the TV industry and we have so far found out that the prices for screens have been dropping quite consistently. This, therefore, means that there is a potential for big falls in the prices of TVs later this year.

And this is because TVs that are being manufactured for now are made from components that have dropped in price and these TVs are set to be on shelves towards the end of the year all getting ready for the big sales events and this is including black Friday. This, therefore, means that discounts will even go far down than usual this time around.

There Have Been Signs of fall in Price of TVs

There have been signs of this already as Samsung and LG continue with their head-to-head wars on prices. A surge of reports in Digitimes now suggests that the events that are leading to the drop in prices have barely started. Firstly, there has already been confirmation that the price of LCD panels has continued to fall this very month.

There is also a report that Samsung at the moment is planning to reduce the number of TV screens that it orders, thus meaning that there may be a surplus in screens from manufacturers that will however want to sell them off on the cheap.

Makers of LCD Screens Have Been Cutting Down On Production Numbers

Lastly, there is another report that says makers of LCD screens have been cutting down on production numbers in the recent event of reductions in orders just as the case of Samsung and still haven’t even cut them down enough thus suggesting again that there may be a surplus of screens.

There are many other factors that affect the final prices of TVs that go way beyond the cost of screens such as the chips required for production, shipping costs, and many more. But this however is a huge one for the industry and having all three stories all having similarities to another, is a sign that there is going to going to be lots of cutting down in prices.

There Is No Competition When It Comes to OLED TVs

Well, that is the thing for LCD TVs at the least. When it comes to the best LOED TVs, things are kind of different because there isn’t the type of competition over the maker of the panels. Generally, all OLED TV screens come from one parent company which is LG Display. This means that it has more control over the prices and production.


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