Overwatch 2 Reports Its First Story Missions and Teases a New Hero

Overwatch 2 reports its first story missions and teases a new hero. The game Overwatch 2: Invasion according to reports will detail the resurgence of a popular old villain of Overwatch known as Null Sector.

Overwatch 2 First Story Missions

Overwatch 2 First Story Missions

Overwatch 2: Invasion finally will start the story of Overwatch 2. Revealed during the Xbox showcase event recently held by the company, the story missions of Overwatch 2 are finally here — if “here” in question actually means August 10th. And in the previous month, game director Aaron Keller revealed that the long-hoped-for story mode of Overwatch 2 was being canceled, thus citing that an ambitious but ultimately unfeasible development process. Keller however, stated that the story missions of the game would still be coming, thus giving players a chance to see what is really going on with the beloved characters of Overwatch.

Overwatch Story Missions

Story missions as you should know are not new to Overwatch. The game initially got its first story mission back in the year 2017, and it was a prequel of sorts, that was highlighting the events that would eventually lead to the disbanding of the Overwatch organization. The subsequent events that took place, Storm Rising and Retribution were also flashbacks, and in the process gave important insight into the history of characters such as Cassidy, Tracer, and Jack Morrison (who is now known as Soldier: 76.)

These new story missions in question bring the Overwatch story into the present and will also make use of the newest characters of the game. When Sojourn was at the time introduced back in 2022, the developers stated that the story of Overwatch 2 was deeply intertwined with her very own story.

“She had a deep, lore connection to the game world,” art director Dion Rogers revealed to The Verge. “She moves the storyline forward when she’s introduced.”

Content of the Newly Released Overwatch Trailer

And in addition to all of the juicy lore that we are getting in story missions, the released trailer in question also teased a new hero. For a very short, blink-and-you-will-miss-it moment, we are reportedly shown what looks to be a feminine hero that was rising into the sky with a very big gun. And according to the description of the trailer, this new hero in question will be a support class and will reportedly be available when Overwatch 2: Invasion gets to launch on August 10th.

What Is the Easiest Beginner Hero in Overwatch 2

If you are conversant with the game, then you should know that Mercy is just a support hero that is really excellent and perfect for beginners. Her known abilities in question are straightforward, and she is also incredibly effective in keeping her teammates alive. The ability of Mercy’s Cadudeus staff can be utilized in healing her teammates while her Caduceus Blaster on the other hand can be used to cause damage to her enemies.

Are There Missions In Overwatch 2?

In Overwatch 2, Hero Missions which is also known as Hero mode is a cancelled game mode.



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