Overwatch 2 is Shaking up How to Unlock Heroes Massively

Overwatch 2 is Shaking up How to Unlock Heroes Massively, and this news is shocking to many fans. With “Overwatch 2” Still Looming on the horizon, it seems in perpetuity, there is still information that is yet to be revealed or even verified.

Overwatch 2 is Shaking up How to Unlock Heroes Massively

We are aware of the plenty of returning characters and have seen previews of some of the newcomers, but there are still some uncertainties that lingers around the sequel of Activision Blizzard’s most popular multiplayer games.

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Overwatch 2 is Shaking up How to Unlock Heroes Massively

The major uncertainty revolves around just how players would be able to unlock new playable characters in the upcoming team shooter. Blizzard VP Job specter went to Twitter to get some of the confusion clarified by explaining the new approach on how to unlock characters, although the new seems to have brought about some stir.

The fact that the additional heroes are to be unlocked is more like a new direction compared to the original “overwatch,” as the first game’s newcomers were always available to everyone immediately. As soon as the character addition update goes live and was downloaded, the character would be there, and ready to use. Well, the case here is different in the “Overwatch 2,” apparently.

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Now New Characters are Unlocked

As stated by Specter, “New Overwatch 2 Heroes would be available on the free track of the battle pass.” This simply means that “Overwatch 2” would not only require that players perform various in-game actions or even meet some criteria to access these new characters, but it would also tie them to players’ seasonal Battle Pass progression.

This, understandably, has a lot of players connected as it means the only way for them to unlock any new playable characters for free is to “grind” for them during a limited promotional window. And this means that if they cannot complete the necessary steps to unlock that new character, they won’t get to make use of them.

Spector did respond to one comment by stating the future battle pass seasons would come with free paths to unlock previously unlockable characters. Although it is unclear if those paths would remain available and consistent from season to season, uncompleted progress reset with the start of a new season, or if some seasons would not offer free character unlock paths.

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Will Overwatch 2 Be Free if you Have Overwatch?

Just as it stands at the moment, overwatch 2 would be free for all those that own the Overwatch and even those that do not have it.

Is Overwatch 2 a Completely Different Game?

The overwatch 2 finally is a game that has been played by people. While the Sequel’s PvE mode has been banished into the future, we have had the opportunity to take part in the hero shooter’s revamped PvP multiplayer in Blizzard’s first two betas. So far, it sure feels a lot like Overwatch.

Can I Still Buy Overwatch 1?

Now, you can no longer purchase overwatch 1 on its own either, Overwatch 2 “watchpoint pack” with premium skins and in-game currency is now the only way for you to acquire the original game if you do not have it already.

Is Overwatch 1 Shutting Down?

Yes, Overwatch 1 would be shutting down and it would be replaced by Overwatch 2 later in the year.

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