YouTube Is Set To Introduce 30-Seconds Unskippable Ads to TV

YouTube is set to introduce 30-seconds unskippable ads to TV. The longer commercials that will be introduced will replace the two consecutive 15-second ads. The streaming company also will begin to show ads when you pause videos.

YouTube Unskippable Ads

YouTube Unskippable Ads

Watching and streaming YouTube on your TV is about to get more frustrating in the event that you are not paying to avoid ads on the platform. And as announced at the YouTube Brandcast event that took place on Wednesday, YouTube soon will add 30-second unskippable ads to top-performing content that is watched on connected TVs.

YouTube revealed that viewers will see a single 30-second ad instead of two consecutive 15-second ads, although that does not mean that those shorter ads will be leaving the platform entirely. 30-second ads will be available to advertisers through YouTube Select, which as you should know is a curated advertising platform that targets the top five percent of YouTube content. YouTube however claims that 70 percent of YouTube Select impressions come from TVs, thus making it the ideal and perfect platform for longer ads.

What YouTube Has To Say About This New Development

“More and more, viewers are tuning into YouTube on the biggest screen in their home,” YouTube CEO Neal Mohan during the Brandcast event said. “Viewers — especially younger viewers — no longer make a distinction between the kind of content they’re watching.”

YouTube also announced during the event that it will begin testing ads that appear when the viewer pauses a video on a connected TV. It is very much similar to the pause ad feature that was rolled out by Hulu a couple of years back, and it has been dubbed “pause experiences” by YouTube. Judging by the example image shared by AdWeek, the pause ads of YouTube will appear as a banner around the video and it can be removed simply by selecting the “dismiss” button.

When Will the Changes Rollout

YouTube however has not mentioned when either of these changes, the 30-second unskippable ads and pause ads will be rolling out, but we have reached out for detail in that regard and will update if we hear anything back.

The announcements made yesterday follow a recent crackdown on ad blockers by the video hosting platform. YouTube in the previous week, revealed that it is experimenting with pop-up messages that state “Ad blockers are not allowed on YouTube,” thus encouraging viewers in the long run to instead subscribe to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience on the platform.

Do YouTubers Get Paid For Unskippable Ads

YouTubers will not get paid in the event that a user on the platform skips the ad. And even at that, the amount that you will get to receive if a person clicks on the ad is at most times more than other types of ads on YouTube, and although these ads on the streaming platform are unskippable, they are also relatively short.

Does YouTube Count Views If You Skip Ads

Well, for a skippable ad on the streaming platform, YouTube will count a view when the user watches a complete video ad that is 11-30 seconds long, and also when the user watches 30 seconds of an ad that is longer than 30 seconds.



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