Easter Sunday 2022 – Why is Easter so Late This Year? 

Easter has one of the most confusing date selections in history. The date of celebrating Easter has almost never been the same in two consecutive years. This is because Easter’s date is not determined like Christmas and other celebrations. Although Easter is a Christmas celebration, its dates are determined in a more climatic way.

Easter Sunday 2022

You will get to know this by reading this article till the very end. That way, you will get to know why Easter Sunday, 2022 is to be celebrated on the 17th of April.

Easter Sunday 2022

No doubt, Easter is one of the most anticipated and celebrated feasts of not just the Christians but the entire world (Notwithstanding the fact that Easter depicts the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ). This is because, in the feast of Easter, Jesus showed us all a great example of giving thereby paving the way for everyone to give also.

What is Easter?

Although Easter is centered on the Celebration of Jesus Christ. Easter strikes differently for different people. Easter celebration was gotten from the period of time that Jesus died and was resurrected.

Christians celebrate Easter as the showcase or the Exercise of the Power of Christ (God ) over death, victory over sin, and salvation. But over the years the message that Easter depicts has made both Muslims, Buddhists, and even traditional people celebrate Easter.

The message I am talking about is ‘giving’. Jesus Christ paid an ultimate price by giving his life. For that reason, Easter has been tagged a season of giving.

When is Easter Sunday 2022?

17th of April is the day that has been chosen for everyone on planet earth to celebrate Easter. Like I said before, the date for Easter is not constant from year to year. the criteria for choosing easter dates are going to be explained in the next paragraph.

Why is Easter so Late This Year? 

The Easter Celebration or feast date is chosen with certain criteria. This means that the date is not constant every year (it’s movable). The Easter celebration date is related to the full moon of Spring. You will find more details in the next paragraph.

Easter is chosen according to the date of the Paschal full moon (the first full moon after the Spring Equinox). This year, the Easter celebration is just one day after April’s full moon (the Paschal full moon which will happen on the 16th of April). To get more information on how the date of Easter is chosen, read the next paragraph below.

How is Easter Date Determined?

Normally, the date of Easter is chosen according to the spring equinox and the full moon. This is not in any way diabolical, the reason for this is that the death of Jesus (on who’s the account we celebrate) happened during the Jewish Passover which is celebrated on the first full moon after the vernal Equinox (the moment when the sun is above the Equator and there is equal day and night ) which marks the beginning of the season of Spring. In 2022, the Vernal Equinox happened on March 20th.

The first full moon of the vernal Equinox in 2022 will happen on Saturday, 16th of April 2022. According to the way Easter is fixed, the celebration of Easter is meant to occur on the Sunday immediately after that full moon. In the case of 2022, the next Sunday is the next day, the 17th of April, 2022.

How to Celebrate Easter

Easter celebration should be beyond an internal celebration for just yourself and your family. Rather, we should extend the atmosphere of easter towards other people too. The poor and the needy live amongst us. Showing them the exact love that Jesus Christ had in his heart during his sacrificial offering will be a very good way to celebrate Easter. you can do this by providing basic needs like food, clothes, and shelter for the poor people close to you.

Finally, where does the word Easter come from? Easter was derived from the word paschal, which means resurrection Sunday (the day Jesus resurrected from the dead). Let’s not forget that the death and resurrection of Jesus happen during the time of the Passover celebration in the Bible (The celebration that marks the night that the Israelites were spared by the range of death in the bible). Further research can be done on Google.



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