Easter 2022 – How is the Date for Easter Determined | When is Easter 2022?

The most trending topic on social media in this season Is Easter 2022. Everyone seems to be making their own individual preparations for the Easter celebrations. Some of which do not know the true essence of easter. This article will cover areas like the easter 2022 celebrations, how the date is determined, and the true essence of easter.

Easter 2022

Easter 2022

Celebrating Easter 2022 will be incomplete if you do it with the wrong mindset and purpose. It is very important that we know the true meaning and essence of Easter.


The word Easter was Caned from the word Paschal, meaning the Sunday of the resurrection. This name was gotten from the death and resurrection of the famous Christian God, Jesus Christ. The story of Jesus Christ has it that he died for the sake of mankind.

This alone brings a sense of selflessness out of the easter celebration. From an unbiased point of view, I think Easter should be celebrated by all, religions, tribes, and people because of the type of virtue it represents.

Easter for me is a time or a season of giving. Since the celebration was gotten from the someone who gave his life. We all should take the lesson and extend the gift of Easter to all the people of the earth, our neighbors, and the poor amongst us. This is the true essence of Easter, selflessness, the act of giving.

To the Christians (the pioneers of the Easter celebration), Easter represents Victory over death and sin and salvation. Now, let us move into the date of Easter 2022, and how it was determined.

When is Easter 2022?

Easter 2022, will be celebrated on the 17th of April, 2022. Notice the inconsistency of the date over the past few years (in fact, since easter started). This is because, the date of the Easter celebration is not chosen like other celebrations (Christmas, the New year, etc.). The appointment of the date of Easter is more climatic than religious. Although it bears its roots in the Bible, no particular date was chosen as a general date for Easter by the church.

How is the Date for Easter Determined?

Remember I said the date for Easter is determined by certain factors. These factors are the full moon and the summer Equinox. This date traces its roots from the bible (Jesus Christ was crucified and resurrected during the feast of the Passover. This feast was normally celebrated on the first full moon immediately after the Vernal Equinox).

This means that nothing much has really changed since the death of Jesus Christ, the Passover celebration is still celebrated at the same time of the year. The cycle of the full moon plays a major role in the celebration of Easter. The feast of Easter is normally celebrated on the Sunday after the Paschal Full moon.

When the first full moon of spring falls on a Sunday, the feast of Easter is celebrated the following week. Easter is normally celebrated after the lent season of the Roman Catholic church. Read further to get more details on Lent.


Just the way the date of Easter is not fixed, the same is the period of lent. In fact, the Lent season is determined by the feast of Easter. Lent is a season that marks the celebration of the exit of the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt. This Season is observed with forty days fast by the Roman Catholic Church. In 2022, the season of lent starts on the 2nd of March 2022, and it will last until the 14th of April, 2022.

Orthodox Easter

Since the Church uses the Gregorian calendar, the date of Easter is easily determined to be 17. But if you calculate with the Julian calendar, Easter will occur on the 24th of April, 2022. These two calendars are different but they sometimes coincide.

What do you think? Are the date of Easter and other Christian feasts fixed according to pagan laws? Let us see your thought in the comment session below.



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