Your Pixel Watch Might Be Overestimating the Number of Calories You Burn

Your Pixel watch might be overestimating the number of calories you burn reports claim, thus meaning that the Pixel watch already is having issues with Fitbit.

Your Pixel Watch Might Be Overestimating the Number of Calories You Burn

Your Pixel Watch Might Be Overestimating the Number of Calories You Burn

The integration of the pixel watch with Fitbit already is having some serious issues as some users are now reporting that the watch is massively overestimating the number of calories that they burn, some by maybe triple the amount they are accustomed to. A post by Rodrigo M, a Fitbit community moderator says that the problem is affecting plenty of users, but however, there is a simple way of fixing it.

One of the major selling points of the pixel watch is its integration with Fitbit’s health and fitness ecosystem which usually collects data like calories burned, VO2 max, heart rate, sleep tracking and so many more and then presents it in an accessible manner.

The Pixel Watch Should Just Be As Good As the Best Fitbit with the Integration

This simply means that the pixel watch should just be as good as the best Fitbit and also equal to many of the best running watches in regards to its fitness features and credentials. The integration with Fitbit is at many times the first thing that is shown on promotional materials for the pixel watch, but the fact that many people are now experiencing early problems with it just shows that the Google team may not have worked out all of the kinks.

Customers’ Reaction to the Reported Issue

One member of the Fitbit community said: “The Pixel Watch is massively overestimating my calorie burn.  I’ve changed from a charge 4 to the Pixel watch and my Kj burned due to exercise has tripled for the same amount of steps.  A 5 km run at a ~30min pace with the charge 4 was about 400kj and with the Pixel watch is over 900. Yesterday the watch said I burnt 5900 cal, despite walking only 7000 steps and not doing a workout.”

Another member on the same thread has this to say: “My first full day with the Pixel Watch and I am comfortably 1500 calories over too”. These are some of the posts that triggered a response from Fitbit, stating that this is not an uncommon issue and also that a fix is in the works.

How to Manually Fix the Problem

Fortunately, if you have a pixel watch in your possession, it’s very good to know that there is a fix on the way. Fitbit however says that you can restart your pixel watch making use of the instructions on Google’s WearOS support page, which should be able to resolve the issue.


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