You Will Soon Start Coding On GitHub with Just Your Voice

You will soon start coding on GitHub with just your voice as GitHub Copilot is all set to get the “Hey” voice commands.

You Will Soon Start Coding On GitHub with Just Your Voice

You Will Soon Start Coding On GitHub with Just Your Voice

GitHub has just recently announced a new speech recognition tool and service that it hopes will extend the reach of its very own programming tools simply by giving a much-needed accessibility boost to the whole industry.

The supposed “Hey, GitHub” will be featured in GitHub copilot. And this is a move that the company has stated will make the software to be more accessible to developers “who may not be able to use a keyboard everyday”.

The platform also will be introducing new voice commands that are designed to understand natural languages such as smart assistants including Google Assistant and Siri.

The Project Will Be Stemming From GitHub Next

The project in question will b stemming from GitHub next which is an arm of the company that is dedicated to trailing and coming up with new features and it was announced at the company’s recent GitHub Universe 2022 event.

And as well as more basic functions such as code navigation, summary, and control, “Hey, GitHub” also is set up to write and edit code.

“Just state your intent in natural language and let Hey, GitHub! Do the heavy lifting of suggesting a code snippet,” the firm promises its users.

“Hey, GitHub” Only Works When You Are Coding Within VS Code Currently

“Hey, GitHub” for now only works when you are coding within VS code, but the company, however “hope[s] to expand its capabilities through further research and testing” as per a blog post.

GitHub Copilot Was Released Back In June 2022

GitHub Copilot was released back in June 2022 as a solution that will help more people on the platform code, but the Microsoft-owned company already, however, has come under legal criticism that it exposes the code of other users without due attribution.

GitHub Copilot Will Soon Be Rolled Out To Businesses

And among many other announcements at the event was that GitHub Copilot which was previously only available to individual users soon will be rolled out to businesses, with admiral controls for managing licensing and distribution.


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