Xbox Game Pass for April Starts with Big Names

Xbox Game Pass for April Starts with Big Names and they would surprise you. If you happen to spend the past few days wondering what the new additions to the Xbox Game pass would be for the very first half of April, You certainly are not alone there. Don’t worry, we have been checking for those details on a daily basis as well and now – after a long wait than usual – Microsoft has revealed the games that would be entering on Xbox Game Pass for Early April 2022.

Xbox Game Pass for April Starts with Big Names

All told, this is a fairly strange month. There are some major names that appear on this list namely “MLB the Show 22” from none other than Sony’s San Deigo Studio – along with other several popular EA franchises. However, a lot of EA games were available on the Xbox Game Pass, and it would be making their Xbox Game Streaming debut. So, in the end, we would be left with a couple of noteworthy additions, a lot of cloud gaming newcomers, and one surprise for fans of the story-driven adventure games.

Xbox Game Pass Additions for Early April 2022

Seeing as we are About five days into April, it probably would shock you to know that the month’s new arrivals have already gotten underway. “Cricket 22” (cloud and console) and “MLB The Show 22” (cloud and console) are both available on Xbox Game pass today. It is still a bit weird to see “MLB the show’ on Xbox consoles let alone as a day-one release for the Xbox Game Pass since it is a PlayStation Studios series that was exclusive to the PlayStation consoles up until last year. Still, we would not complain about seeing games that were once exclusive branch out to different platforms.

The newly added games would continue in April with the arrival of “Chinatown Detective Agency” (cloud, console, and PC) and the cloud versions of “Dragon Age 2,” “Planets vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare,” and Star Wars: squadrons.” All three of these games were previously available on the console and PC versions of the Xbox Game pass via EA Play, so here they are simply making their cloud debut for the Xbox game pass, ultimate subscribers.

On the 12 of April, we get to see what our biggest surprise of early April in “life is strange: true colors” is on Cloud, console, and PC. It is a bit unexpected to see the latest “Life is Strange” game on Xbox Game Pass so soon after the release, but again, you would not hear us whining. “life is strange: true colors” will be joined by “Panzer corps 2” (PC) and “The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk” (PC) on April 12, with “Lost in Random” (cloud, console, and PC) rounding out this batch on the 14 of April.

Xbox Game Pass Perks and Departing Games

Just as expected, there are several perks that Xbox Game pass ultimate Subscribers will want to claim. At the moment, ultimate Subscribers would be offered a 30-day free trial to paramount+ – this is great for those that would like to check out “Halo” the new TV show, along with a three-month trial to Marvel Unlimited.

While those remain to be the biggest ticket perks, also an O’dyllita gift bundle and endless possibilities of weapon charm to claim in the console versions of “Black Desert” and “Apex Legends,” respectively.

Finally, when it comes to games that would be leaving the pass for April 2022. On April 15, “MLB the show 21,” “Rain on Your Parade,” “The Long Dark,” and “Pathway” would all be exiting the pass. Three days later, on April 18, “F1 2019” would be leaving also, so finish these games on time if you happen to be playing them at the moment.


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