How to Retrieve Your PUK Code to Unblock Glo SIM Card

How to Retrieve Your PUK Code to Unblock Glo SIM Card is important if your Glo SIM has been blocked. One of the things that can be frustrating with your SIM is when you have an important business or call to make, and your SIM card gets blocked after you incorrectly inputted a wrong SIM PIN thrice.

How to Retrieve Your PUK Code to Unblock Glo SIM Card

At this point, you will be required to provide the SIM PUK number in order to unlock the PUK codes on the SIM. If you don’t have an idea on how to get your GLO Sim card PUK code, then this article is for you.

How to Retrieve Your PUK Code to Unblock Glo SIM Card

The thing that causes sim block mostly, is a result of too many attempts of wrong PINs. although other factors could also constitute the blocking too, incorrect PIN attempts are the most feasible. The PUK Code is located in the sim pack.

However, you can unblock your GLO sim card if only you are with your PUK code. The term PUK is an acronym for Personal Unblocking Key. Every SIM card usually comes with its own unique PUK code. The PUK code is usually found written on the SIM pack of the SIM.

GLO PUK Code Retrieve Information

When you call their customer care (121 or 200) you will be required to provide some information about the sim.

They include:

  • SIM full name.
  • date of birth used in sim registration.
  • the address used in the registration
  • and more.

Do well to provide this info when they demand it from you so they can help you retrieve your PUK code.

How to Get PUK Code For GLO

To unblock your GLO Sim card, quickly go out to your GLO sim pack. copy out the 8-digit PUK code and unblock your GLO sim.

But, if you don’t have your GLO sim pack with you, or you have misplaced it, follow this step to unblock your GLO Sim card without a sim pack.

  • Open your phone and use another GLO sim and dial customer care lines at 200 or 121.
  • If you are calling with other numbers, dial 08050020121 or 08050020200.
  • Once they are connected with you, make your complaints to them.
  • They will request information about the SIM like the affected number, SIM full name, and others.
  • Once they are confirmed these details, they will tell you your PUK code.
  • Now you can use it to unluck your affected GLO Sim card.

Make sure you write it down or save it on your phone so that you won’t undergo this process again.

What is PUK Code?

PUK code is an acronym for the personal unblocking key which is sometimes referred to as personal blocking code.

It is required as a form of authentication and security to reset a forgotten or lost personal identification number (PIN).

Where to Get the PUK code?

The PUK code can be gotten from every new SIM, most times, if you check the casement or pack of your SIM card, you should be able to find your PUK code.

If you can get your PUK from your SIM pack, then you might need to get in touch with your service provider.


PUK Code is the key to unlocking your sim card. Hope this article is helpful and you can drop a comment if what you are searching for is not here.

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