With the arrival of YouTube Live Chat, Meta Quest 3 Now Allows You to Swap Graphics for Battery Life

With the arrival of YouTube Live Chat, Meta Quest 3 now allows users to swap graphics for battery life. In fact, this option is set to improve battery life at the expense of your graphic performance.

Meta Quest 3 Now Enables Users to Swap Graphics for Battery Life

Meta Quest 3 Now Allows Users to Swap Graphics for Battery Life

Quest update v59 offers several significant improvements and is currently available for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2, and Quest Pro. Emoji comments via the Meta Quest messaging app, the ability to join an ongoing group call with pals, and an enhanced “Family Center” within the Quest app with time limitations and planned breaks coming in future updates are all included for all three headsets.

This direct integration of YouTube Live Chat into Meta Quest is another new feature aimed at content creators. The headset will allow streamers to view their live chat. Authors must personally apply for this functionality, which is only available in early access.

Creators Can Now Get Early Access to YouTube Live Chat Support with v59

Thus, having quick access to audience feedback in real time is essential to creating more interesting and social live content, whether you are a casual creator or a dedicated streamer. According to reports, they are giving creators early access to YouTube Live Chat support with v59, allowing you to easily follow and participate in fan conversations even when completely engrossed in the newest virtual reality games and experiences.

With the extended battery function in Meta Quest 3, you have greater control over the trade-off between high performance and active battery life. It’s made to assist you in choosing between enjoying the greatest graphics and extending gameplay. From the power settings menu, you may turn on and off this feature.

Although the toggle’s impact on graphics and battery life is unknown, there is undoubtedly room for improvement given that its typical setup barely lasts for roughly two hours.


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