Spotify Develops an Open Source Marketplace and Delves into Business IT

Spotify reportedly develops an open source marketplace and delves into business IT. In fact, the company announced earlier that they are planning to launch their open source software product by the end of this year.

Spotify Develops an Open Source Marketplace


Spotify Develops an Open Source Marketplace and Delves into Business IT

In order to launch the service, the digital streaming giant collaborated with Red Hat, an IBM subsidiary, and a cloud container software supplier. Additionally, the service will integrate Spotify developer tools with open source solutions from VMware and other tech providers. Meg Watson told CIO Dive that she is Spotify’s head of product for Backstage.

According to Spotify, the platform is currently being used by over 2,000 organizations. With early adopters like the financial startup Stash and the travel company Expedia, there has been a 400% increase since the beginning of the year.

Why Did In House Tech Hit the Market?

Fine tuning an internal application for wider usage is necessary. Internal engineering teams frequently develop custom solutions that are closely linked to particular business requirements as organizations develop and implement technology throughout the firm. Some solutions occasionally have industry-wide uses.

Spotify, standing up the product marketplace, announces several enhancements to ease adoption as well as codeless declarative plugin integration. As a result, many companies are using Backstage in house as a self hosted portal that connects to their current infrastructure.



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