Why Your PS5 is Stuck on A Black Screen and How to Fix It

Why Your PS5 is Stuck on A Black Screen and How to Fix it with some quick steps. because it is very difficult for you to get your hands on a PS5, a lot of people are expecting a lot from the PlayStation’s newest Console.

Why Your PS5 is Stuck on A Black Screen and How to Fix It

In a lot of ways, its sleek design and incredible features would make it worth both serious and casual gamers alike. However, that does not mean that it is a perfect device. Ever since it launches, a lot of users have reported tons of bugs impacting their consoles, such as the PS5 crashing.

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Why Your PS5 is Stuck on A Black Screen and How to Fix It

As a matter of fact, there is a common bug that a lot of PlayStation 5 owners have reported, and it is the black screen that appears after the PlayStation Logo when the console is booting up. When this happens, the PS5 does not register on your screen and shows only a black image as its output.

If you happen to be experiencing the PS5 black screen issue, well, there are some reasons why you might be seeing it. and it might be an issue from the settings or hardware incompatibility. Aside from updating your PS5, there are several other methods that you can try out to fix the black screen error.

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Adjust the PS5 Output Resolution

With the great specs on the PlayStation 5, it is no wonder the console demands a much higher resolution than normal viewing. You would get the best visual experience when you are playing games on a Monitor that supports 4K / HDR content, though the console is technically capable of supporting 8k video. With that stated, these displays are also pricey, and you might find yourself playing on a perfectly fine monitor or Tv that does not offer support for the PS5’s max capabilities. In this situation, you might just have to adjust the console’s output resolution to fix the black screen issue.

  • Shut down your PlayStation 5 console by holding down the power button
  • Then launch the PS5 in Safe Mode by holding down the power button until you hear two beeps
  • Connect the DualSense controller via a USB-C cable. Once your Console is in Safe Mode, you would not be able to make use of your controller wirelessly.
  • On the controller, press the PS button
  • Select change video output
  • Select the change resolution icon and then select a much lower resolution option
  • In the prompt that pops up, select ok

Alternatively, it is possible that the HDR or HDCP might be causing the black screen issue. In that case, you can try turning off both of the features to see whether the issue is resolved.

  • Head over to the PS5’s home screen by pressing the PS button and then select the Home Icon.
  • After that, scroll to and select the gear icon on the right side of the top navigation bar the tap on open settings
  • Select system and then select HDMI and toggle the HDCP settings to disabled
  • Then hit the O button on the controller to return to the system Menu.
  • Scroll down and choose screen and Video
  • Toggle 4k HDR to disabled.

Have it at the back of your mind that you may not be able to stream content via the media apps available on the PS5, including Netflix and Hulu. The reason is that HDCP blocks recording copyrighted videos in these app’s with it disabled, you would be able to make use of a screen recorder to record the shows and movies, meaning that the app would automatically play back until HDCP is enabled once again.

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Change Your PS5 HDMI Cable

Aside from the resolution problem, your PlayStation 5 might actually be experiencing some screen issue due to a faulty or poorly connected HDMI cable. Through the HDMI cable, your console would be able to send information to your display. Because of this, a poor connection would stop it from effectively transmitting the data from your console to your screen or your TV.

In other, for you to avoid this, it is best that you always make sure that your HDMI cable is the official cable with your PlayStation. Although it is quite possible for you to get high-quality cables from third-party providers, it is really important that you understand that there are fewer guarantees that they are made up to standard.

Unlike the cable that was in your console box when you bought it, Third-party cables may not be fully equipped to make your PlayStation 5 work properly. To add, there is more than one type of HDMI cable, so it remains one of the best to check if the one you are making use of is the best one for your console.


If this does not work, the last option here is to schedule a hardware check with Sony to see if your console has faulty hardware.

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