Netflix Adds Two Other Mobiles Games for Subscribers

Netflix Adds Two Other Mobiles Games for Subscribers. Netflix today has decided to add a trio of new games to their Android and iOS apps that would be available starting on the 27 of July for all subscribers for free.

Netflix Adds Two Other Mobiles Games for Subscribers

The first in line is Mahjong Solitaire,” a fresh iteration of the classic Mahjong experience that swaps the card format in favor of the tiles. The major purpose here is to match the identical tiles that are open to move and remove them from the board.

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Netflix Adds Two Other Mobiles Games for Subscribers

In the game, you would find about 300 tile-matching puzzles and would receive a daily challenge supported by an achievement system to keep the players coming back, as stated by Netflix. Developed by smoking gun interactive, the game is expected to offer a theme and background customization tool that would help keep things fresh and snazzy. Of course, there is “Stranger Things” artwork here to help promote the marquee original series while they are at it.

The next one is “Into the Breach,” this game was developed by Subset Games and was launched by Netflix recently. In this game, the last surviving humans go up against giant creatures. In other to assist players a mech suit that gives the Vibe of “Pacific Rim”, is used t battle the monsters. The aim of the game here is to safeguard the cities as you battle the ground-dwelling aliens, while also spotting new weapons to boost the mech’s damage credentials.

The mobile version takes content from the “Into the Breach: advanced Edition” update that was released in the previous week for its PC version. “Into the Breach” got critical acclaim upon its release, and based on the trailer, the mobile version seems like a fun, retro-style strategy game.

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Building Up a Slate of Mobile Exclusives

The third addition to Netflix’s July slate of mobile games is “Before your eyes,” a first-person narrative-themed game published by skybound games. Based on the BAFTA Award-winning PC game of the same name, this one actually takes the players on a journey of searching for the soul of people that have lived remarkable lives, with the aim of ferrying them right into the afterlife.

The best aspect of the game is that it makes use of the phone’s camera to read the blinking of the player’s eyes and eyeball movement to control the in-game narrative. The blink-based game mechanic is unique, but there is a very deep story-driven emotional side to the title that won acclaim when the PC version was launched last year.

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Netflix Promises More Games

Netflix has promised a similar experience with the mobile version of “Before your eyes, even though the platform itself is not a stranger to interactive TV shows. The streaming giant stated that it would have over 50 titles by the end of this year.

Netflix is at the moment working on building games based on more got properties like “Queen’s Gambit,” an RPG based on “Shadow and Bone,” and a heist game titled “La Casa De Papel” based on the smash hit “Money Heist.” Additionally, indie darlings like “Spiritfarer” and Raji: an Ancient Epic” would be getting a mobile adaptation for Netflix users.

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