WhatsApp Now Supports HD Photos and Videos on Its Platform

WhatsApp now supports HD photos and videos on its platform. This simply means that users now have the option to select or opt for ‘HD’ just before sending a photo or a video file on the platform.

WhatsApp Supports HD Photos and Videos

WhatsApp Supports HD Photos and Videos

Mark Zuckerberg a couple of weeks ago announced that WhatsApp was in the process of rolling out HD photo sharing, with HD video on the other hand soon to follow. And as of today, the process in question is now complete as Meta has just confirmed to The Verge that both HD photos and HD videos are available to everyone on the platform.

“Both HD photos and HD videos have rolled out globally,” Ellie Heatrick, WhatsApp spokesperson revealed to The Verge in an emailed statement. The company also posted a promotional video to Threads in the early parts of today encouraging users to “share epic moments” with the new feature, which has reportedly been available to beta testers for the past couple of months.

How the New Update Works

After you get to select a photo or video to send from your camera roll on the platform, then you should see an “HD” button at the top of your screen (which is to the left of the crop tool). And once you select this, a menu will reportedly pop up, thus prompting you to select “Standard Quality” or “HD Quality.”

If it is that you are still yet to see this very button, you should keep an eye out. Personally, I had to reopen the app store a couple of times just before the new updated option finally came up.

Sending Photos and Videos on WhatsApp before This Update

Prior to this, WhatsApp users could only send images in very compressed quality, which reportedly gave the app a major disadvantage in contrast to other competing services such as iMessage.

Other Updates Making Their Way to WhatsApp

HD photos as well as videos come amid a number of other significant updates that seem poised to make the WhatsApp messaging platform more competitive in the business sphere. Meta just recently released a native version of the app for macOS, which in question supports video calls of up to eight participants and then audio calls on the other hand of up to 32. Screen Sharing also is yet another newly available option for the platform, as are unnamed group chats.



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