What to Look for When Buying a Used Nintendo Switch

What to Look for When Buying a Used Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo switch at the moment happens to be one of the most popular consoles on the market. Despite the fact that it was originally launched in the year 2017, it kept on selling quite well, and the games that was released for it are often bestsellers.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Nintendo Switch

Mainly because of that, the switch itself as well as its games are quite expensive. If you wish to save some money, buying a used Nintendo switch might turn out to be an option, but you would need to be careful before you choose to go through with the transaction.

What to Look for When Buying a Used Nintendo Switch

The switch launched on March 3, 2017, with a launched price of $299. The OLED model came next, and it started out at $349.99. During the height of the pandemic, the Switch was difficult to obtain due to a number of shortages; however, the console is currently typically available for the same price as it was years ago. The OLED model is $347 and the base model is $299.99, so not much has changed since the release date.

Because of this, some people might want to purchase used console instead. Shopping on platforms like eBay or Craigslist can net you also can get some decent deals, but purchasing a console that has been used comes carries it very own risks involved. Here is what you need to always watch out for.

Tips for Safely Buying a used Switch

one word of warning is that it is a lot better for you to purchase yourself. Of course, if you are purchasing it from the previous owner, make sure to meet at an open area and do not make the payment before getting and inspecting the console.

You have an advantage by purchasing the console in a face-to-face trade because you can ensure that it runs smoothly and has no obvious flaws. While online doing this is more difficult, it is still doable. Before making a purchase, ask the seller for clear pictures and, if possible, videos of the console if you found an online listing that includes shipping.

Additionally, rather than sending money to a person for whom there are no buyer’s protection policies in place, it is recommended that you use reputable platforms like eBay. If the console does not meet your expectations, you should have support from the platform you shop on if you have to return it.

Inspect the Joy-Cons

The Joy-Cons turns out to be detachable controllers that would allow you play directly on your switch, both from the handheld mode. They can also be connected to a so-called Comfort Grip to resemble something close to an Xbox controller. They are quite amazing, they sense motion, vibrate, and of course, control your games. Unfortunately, they are probably the part of the console that’s the most susceptible to wear and tear.

If you wish to purchase a used Nintendo switch, be sure to inspect the Joy-Cons thoroughly before you decide to make the purchase.

  • Push at the Joy-Cons from underneath the console. If they can easily slide off, the plastic that holds them has been damaged.
  • Go through every button to make sure that it doesn’t feel loose or unresponsive
  • Test the joy-cons with the console come on. If any of them drift meaning that they would constantly input movements without you doing anything – they have to be replaced.
  • Detach the Joy-Cons and then put them back on. Make sure they slide in seamlessly. You should be able to hear a click when the Joy-Con is fully attached – if this fails to happen, then something might be wrong.

The Joy-Cons can be replaced, but that is an included cost. Depending on the price of the used switch  you are considering, you might be better off just purchasing a new console instead.

Is it worth buying a used Nintendo Switch?

You might actually be saving some money by purchasing a used Nintendo Switch, but in the end it not be might not be worth it in the long run. Purchasing a used Switch has its advantage, such as the possibility that the seller will include additional games to sweeten the deal. In any case, contingent upon the cost and the state of the control center, you may be in an ideal situation only putting something aside for a brief period longer to purchase another Switch.

Generally speaking, Nintendo consoles are fairly long-lasting; however, the age of the device may mean that it no longer comes with a warranty. In those instances, it is unquestionably more cost-effective to save some money and purchase a new console. If you buy it from a store, the store is likely to help you if anything goes wrong, and you can be sure that it will function properly. You will also have a valid warranty on it.

But if you can get a really good deal, it might be worth the risk. You’ll have a little extra cash to spend on games if you save at least $100 and the console is in good condition. Keep an eye out for good deals on physical Nintendo Switch games for sale as this can also be a good way to save money.

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