How to Change the Region on Your Xbox Series X|S

How to Change the Region on Your Xbox Series X|S. If you have an Xbox series X at home, you should be able to be in two places at once. The Latest Microsoft console offers you the ability to make changes to your current region. This feature basically means that you can switch to an entirely different country to get access to various content that might be restricted in yours, which includes some apps and games.

How to Change the Region on Your Xbox Series X|S

With just some few quick and easy steps, you should be able to make changes to your Xbox Series X|S. However, while it is as simple as you heading over to the settings and then making some adjustments with some few options, there are some critical considerations.

How to Change the Region on Your Xbox Series X|S

To begin with, you should always be aware that you will lose all access to your current region’s currency that you may have in your Xbox Live account. Consequently, before changing locations, you should ensure that your wallet is empty. Additionally, Microsoft only allows you to make the switch once every three months, so track how frequently you switch.

You’ll be able to transform your console into a digital globetrotter in no time at all, whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking for content specific to a particular location or just someone who moves frequently.

Finding Out if I Need to Change the Region on My Xbox Series X|S

There are tons of reasons why you might be required to make changes to your Xbox Series X|S location. By understanding the benefits and the console’s limitations of changing your region would help you make a more informed decision.

A major reason for you to change your region is for you to be able to access region-specific content. Different areas might come with different games, apps, and other contents that are unavailable in your current region. For example, if you are based in the united states and would like to play a game that can be accessed only in Japan, you would have to make changes to your region in other to access the content.

Another reason why you should change your region is if you frequently travel. If you move to different countries, changing your area would enable you to access the content that you want, no matter where you are located. This feature can come in handy if you are someone that moves a lot but still want to stay connected with your friends that game.

How to change the region on your Xbox Series X|S console

It does not matter if you are familiar with modifying your Xbox’s Settings, making changes to the regions is not a complicated task. You can get this done in some quick and easy steps.

  • First head over to the Profile system
  • then Settings > System > Language and Location.
  • Under Location, select the new regions you would like to choose from the list of options.

It is essential to keep in mind that moving to a different region may also entail some restrictions. Even though important data like your Gamertag and Xbox profile will move with you to your new location, you might not be able to access some games and apps’ subscriptions. To access certain content, you may need to purchase new subscriptions or modify your account in some other way.

If your Xbox account has been suspended or you owe a balance, Microsoft says you may also have trouble changing your region. If you want to successfully change your region, you must resolve these issues.


Is the Xbox Series X region locked?

It is locked to the region, so this would only play discs from the region that you are based. Let’s say, if you are in Europe then your console would only play PAL region dvd’s/blurays or region-free discs.

Does region matter for Xbox Series S?

Xbos Series Would be backward compatible with hundreds of Exit Games; The region does not really matter. On the other hand, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S would be region-free in digital format; They tend to work very well with the same Xbox One, with free access to the Xbox Stores in other territories.

How Do I Change My Region Lock?

Straight from the home screen, push on the Xbox Button and then launch the guide. Head to the furthest right-hand options for profile and system, then select settings. Scroll down till you highlight the options for the system and then select language and location.

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