What To Do If Your iPhone Won’t Turn On

Here I would be giving you tips on What To Do If Your iPhone Won’t Turn On. Apple’s iPhone turns out to be one of the best smartphones available on the market, but they are not immune to issues. While the company places its attention on promoting the strengths of the iPhone, the number of errors or bugs that are affecting regular users has been increasing massively.

What To Do If Your iPhone Won’t Turn On

Aside from slowing down, network drop-outs and Malfunctioning cameras, some of the users would also be faced with the trouble of switching on their iPhones. As the number of people who purchase an iPhone increases, so does the number of people who face this issue.

What To Do If Your iPhone Won’t Turn On

It can be hard to figure out why an iPhone won’t turn on, especially if you don’t know what’s causing it. An iPhone may not turn on for a number of different reasons, such as a software flaw, a dead battery, or a significant hardware impact that could harm the phone’s internal components.

Your iPhone’s screen or internal components, for example, could be damaged if you drop it down the stairs. Despite the fact that the most recent iPhones are IP68 certified, prolonged exposure to moisture can harm the water-resistance seal and, consequently, the electrical components, making them difficult to repair.

Force Restart Your iPhone

You might have already tried switching off your iPhone using the side button for a couple of seconds. If with this your iPhone fails to power up, a hard reset should do the trick. When you force restart your iPhone, you are telling the phone to reboot entirely.

Well, depending on your model, the steps that are involved in force restarting an iPhone is quite different. If you are making use of an iPhone 8, iPhone SE (2nd Gen), or a much newer iPhone, including the models that have a Face ID, follow the process stated below.

  • Press and then release the Volume up button
  • Press and release the volume down button
  • Then finally, push on the side button and then hold till you see the Apple Logo
  • This would force your iPhone to restart and in the process, fix any of the software issues that you might be stopping it from turning on.

If you happen to be making use of an iPhone 7, press and then hold the volume down and side buttons to perform a hard reset. iPhone 6s or iPhone SE (1st Gen) Users should press and hold the sleep/wake and the home buttons simultaneously and release them when they see the Apple logo.

Charge your iPhone for a few hours

Your iPhone may also not turn on if its battery is completely depleted. When the battery in your iPhone reaches zero percent, it will shut down and display a red battery indicator when you press the side button. However, when its battery is depleted, how does it power the display? The display is sufficiently powered by the iPhone’s battery reserve to display the indicator. However, the reserved battery will also run out if your iPhone is not charged for a few days, resulting in a device that is unable to respond.

In this case, you should charge your iPhone for at least an hour before using it again. Your iPhone should automatically turn on when the battery starts actively charging. However, if your iPhone does not turn on after charging for a few hours, try connecting another device to verify that the power brick and charging cable are functioning properly. Keep in mind that a completely depleted iPhone battery may take up to two hours to begin showing signs of recovery.

You can also clean the Lightning port on your iPhone to make sure that dust and dirt aren’t preventing electricity from flowing through it. Try plugging in your iPhone once more, and see if it comes on after a few hours. Try connecting the phone to iTunes on a computer to see if you can make a backup if the phone won’t turn on.

Recover Data using iTunes

If your iPhone fails to turn on even after performing a force restart or charging for some hours, you might be required to carry out a factory reset in other to get it up and running. However, before you choose to reset your Phone, which erases all the data, it is best that you try to create a backup.

Is it possible to back up information from an iPhone that would not turn on? Yes, but this depends on your iPhone’s condition. You would be required a computer with the latest version of iTunes.

  • First, connect the iPhone to Your Computer making use of a Lightning cable
  • Then launch iTunes on the computer. Check if the app shows the iPhone icon toward the right of the music tab. If the icon pops up, you can choose to back up your iPhone.
  • Click on the phone icon, then choose summary
  • Right under the Backups section, click on Back up Now
  • Your computer might require some time to create a backup of your iPhone
  • However, if the phone icon fails to pop up in iTunes, you won’t be able to create a backup. In this scenario, you would be required to rely on a much older iCloud backup to restore your iPhone.

If you are not able to back up your iPhone, you can do nothing but contact Apple Support and then send your phone for repair. If there is a serious problem, the service center might not offer you a replacement unit until they solve the issue on your iPhone.

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