How to Hide Apps on Your Samsung Galaxy

Here’s How to Hide Apps on Your Samsung Galaxy. The earlier line of Galaxy phones did not come with the robust software and UI features their modern successors offer. The older Samsung smartphones do not carry built-in support for hiding and locking apps. During those times, you had to make use of third-party apps that are insecure to add your Android apps on your phone.

How to Hide Apps on Your Samsung Galaxy

But With time, the Galaxy S series evolved, and Samsung added the feature, and it turns out to be more robust and convenient with time. At the time of writing, One UI would enable you to hide apps and secure them by making use of a PIN, Password, or biometric locks.

How to Hide Apps on Your Samsung Galaxy

You Might just be looking to hide some of your sensitive stuff like finance or banking apps away from people that might be trying to have access, maintain parental supervision and locks if you usually share your Samsung Galaxy with others, minimize bloatware that comes pre-installed on Samsung phones, and keep your home screen organized and decluttered.

Samsung’s One UI carries two major ways to hide apps. You can choose to either make use of the One UI Home app or the secure folder feature. This would make the icon vanish, but the secure folder protects the app with a lock, All while cloning the app in other for you to run two instances all at once.

How to Hide Apps Via Use of Samsung Home

One of the easiest ways for you to hide apps on the Samsung Galaxy is via the Home App, but this would only hide an app from the launcher. The app should be looked up in a home search, and according to Samsung, so it’s not the most secure way for you to hide apps since they are accessible to everybody. Follow the steps stated below to hide the app with Samsung Home:

  • First, Long-press a Blank Space on your Home Screen till the options pop up
  • Then tap on Settings
  • After that, scroll down and tap hide apps. You’ll be presented with a list of all installed apps
  • Select the app or apps that you would like to hide
  • After that, tap done.

The apps selected would vanish right from the home screen, but they would be accessible by searching the name in the app drawer. In other to unhide an app:

  • Tap on a blank space on your screen and hold it till the menu options appear.
  • Tap on settings
  • Then scroll down and then tap on hiding apps
  • Right in the hidden apps section, tap on the minus symbol on top of a hidden app
  • Then tap Done.

Right after completing these steps, you should find the hidden app in the drawer and home screen. Also, you can choose to hide and unhide apps whenever you wish to.

How to create a Secure Folder on your Samsung Galaxy

According to Samsung, you can also hide apps using the Secure Folder on Samsung Galaxy phones. The technology that underpins this feature is a little more involved, but in a nutshell, it safeguards the privacy of your hidden apps—along with your photos, videos, and documents. The Secure Folder is a private area that can only be accessed with a passcode, PIN, or biometric, even if your phone is unlocked. To create it, you will need a Samsung account.

Keep in mind that Secure Folder creates a copy of the hidden app, which is stored in the encrypted space while the original app remains unchanged. You will need to follow the same instructions as you would on a brand-new installation if you are hiding an app that requires a login or setup. To establish a Secure Folder:

  • Launch the Settings
  • Then tap “Biometrics and security.”
  • Select Secure Folder
  • Then select “Continue”

Follow the on-screen directions, then sign in to your Samsung account and then Select from PIN Pattern or Password in other to secure the folder.


How do I Hide Apps in my Gallery?

  • Launch the app drawer
  • Tap on the three dots located in the top right
  • Launch the Home Screen settings
  • Select the Hide Apps option
  • Select the app that you would want to conceal
  • Confirm via the Apply button.

Where is hide in Gallery?

First, launch Google Photos and then head to the Photos tab. Long tap on an image and multi-select media files that you would like to hide. Tap on the three-dot menu located at the top. Select Move to Locked Folder and then confirm your decision straight from the following pop-up menu.

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