PS Plus Festival of Play Kicks Off with God of War Ragnarök Offers

PS Plus Festival of Play Kicks Off with God of War Ragnarök Offers. The PlayStation Plus Festival of Play has started, and it comes with 10 days of discounts, unique digital collectibles, tournaments and competitions, Start campaigns, and more.

PS Plus Festival of Play Kicks Off with God of War Ragnarök Offers

The festival is expected to run all through February 24, and notably, it carries a “God of War Ragnarok” Game Demo that is available to PlayStation Plus Premium or Deluxe members starting today. Players can trail the game for about three hours, but any progress or rewards acquired while the trial is preserved if the game is later purchased.

PS Plus Festival

Meanwhile, the PlayStation Store allows offering a “Double Discount” Sale Blitz that bring unmissable prices to titles that include “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” “The Last of Us Part II,” and “FIFA 23.”

Dozens of other games are to be included in the sale, according to PlayStation. Any Players that are both PlayStation Stars members and PlayStation Plus subscribers would get to earn stars on select PlayStation store purchases.

Players Get New Perks from PlayStation Star Campaign

Participants in the PlayStation Stars program earn points for eligible purchases, which can be exchanged for digital collectibles or converted into PSN funds to be used on subsequent purchases. These digital collectibles, which are only available in a limited number, feature characters and memorabilia from iconic video games from the past.

Participating in PlayStation Stars is completely free, and you don’t need to be a member of PlayStation Plus. However, PS Plus members will get a “gift from PlayStation Plus” when they play any game as part of the Stars Campaign.

Also, a part of the star’s campaign turns out to be an opportunity to score a unique “welcome to the forbidden west” digital collectible, which PlayStation Plus Extra, Premium, and Deluxe members can get by earning a number of “Horizon Forbidden West” Trophies:

  • Save the Daunt
  • Attend the Embassy
  • Obtain 3 Stripes at a Hunting Ground
  • Used Dyed Flowers
  • First Rebel Camp Completed
  • and First Tall Neck Overwritten

Assuming none of these trophies were earned yet. “Horizon Forbidden West” Joins the PlayStation Plus Game Catalog on February 21.


Can you Get PlayStation Plus for Free?

You would require a credit/debit or PayPal account registered to your account for PlayStation Network in other to sign up for and access a free trial offer. The required payment method may vary by country. Each person is eligible to get one free trial unless otherwise communicated.

Are PS Plus Games Yours Forever?

As stated by Sony’s website: “Once your PlayStation Plus membership ends, content you previously downloaded at no cost as part of the membership (such as Plus Monthly Games) will no longer be available. However, free avatars and content you purchased at a discounted PlayStation Plus price is yours to keep.”

How Much Does PlayStation Plus Extra Cost?

PlayStation Plus Extra happens to be an ongoing subscription with a recurring fee is $14.99 charged automatically every month.

Is PS Plus Worth it?

If you are a fan of playing games on your PS4 or PS5, there is definitely no doubt that PlayStation Plus is worth it. You are able to take the action online in multiplayer, nab loads of great free games, and enjoy additional benefits like in-game cosmetics and discounts. Even if you get it for the games, it is actually worth it.

What is the Best PS Plus Tier?

The PlayStation Plus Premium happens to be the most feature-rich and the most expensive tier of the three. To begin with, premium includes all of the features located in the essential and extra tiers. On top of that, the players get to access hundreds of PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSP games.

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