When is Mother’s Day in 2023 – How Many Times Is Mother’s Day Celebrated in a Year

There are some days that have been set aside to appreciate motherhood, when is Mother’s Day in 2023? You may be wondering. This celebration happens just ones in a year all around the globe but other events are taken to celebrate womanhood and it’s also anticipated by most females.

Mother’s Day in 2023
Mother’s Day in 2023

What is the origin of this global celebration? How do I celebrate it? All these questions would be answered in this article. So, you should keep reading to learn more.

Who Invented Mother’s Day?

The origin of this holiday or celebration can be traced to an American resident; Anna Jarvis. Anna Jarvis hosted a memorial service on the 12th of May 1907 in honour of her late mother.

The service which was held in the honor of the deceased was with respect to the impact she made on society. When she was still alive, she formed a women’s group and the aim of this group was to promote friendship, charity, and health.

After this, the celebration was held by most states in America within a period of five years. Presently, this celebration is observed globally at different times of the year.

When is Mother’s Day in 2023?

In the United States of America, this celebration is held on the second Sunday of the month of May. And this time it will take place on Sunday, the 14th of May 2023.

However, other countries around the world celebrate this holiday on different dates. But the aim still remains universal.

Having known this, you must be worried about getting a special gift to honour your loved one (a mother or someone that is a mother figure to you). If so, this article has got you covered.

How Many Times Is Mother’s Day Celebrated in a Year

Well, how many times is mothers day celebrated in a year has over time become so confusing to many. This is because every year women are celebrated but too many people tag those occasions as mothers day celebrations.

However, just to clear the air, “Mother’s Day is celebrated every year. Note, other event of appreciating womanhood and motherhood occurs before the “Mother’s day celebration”. Below are their days and naming.

1st March – First Day of Women’s History Month.

8th March – Women’s Day.

19th March – Mothering Sunday.

And lastly, 14th May – Mother’s Day.

These are specific dates for celebrating womanhood. The date might be different but the goal still remains the same. So, ensure you make every woman and mother figure in your life feel loved and special.

Best Gifts for Mother’s Day

You can get Unique gifts for Mother’s Day on Amazon. You shouldn’t allow this celebration to pass by without you appreciating that special woman with a gift. Below are some ideal gifts you can get on Amazon:

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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day at Home

This holiday is coming soon and you may be wondering how you can make it special for your loved ones. If so, this article has got you covered.

A list of ideas has been compiled for you and with this, the Mother’s Day celebration is definitely not going to be a boring one. These ideas include:

  • Give out cards, flowers, or cakes from your heart. To purchase any of these, you should click here now.
  • Cook a traditional meal.
  • Go out for visits if you leave far away from your mom.
  • Make surprise family breakfasts or dinners. Or
  • Eat out at a restaurant with your mom.
  • Send a poem or a lovely message to your mom.
  • Organize Family gatherings.
  • Send a unique gift (some gifts have been suggested for you above).
  • Give a phone call to your mom or female guardian.
  • Watching a movie with that special woman wouldn’t be a bad idea too.

With this, you are ready to celebrate the holiday in a special and unique way. Having known this, extending your appreciation to others wouldn’t be a bad idea.

You should not only limit this celebration to your mom. You can also honour and celebrate other mother figures, stepmothers, relatives, In-laws, guardians or family friends.



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