How to Determine Mother’s Day – What is the Origin of Mother’s Day Celebration?

It looks like every month has a Mother’s Day attached to it, but you would learn how to determine the Mother’s Day date in this article. When is this celebration every year? What is its importance? When next is this celebration coming up? These questions would be answered in detail in this article. So, you should keep on reading.

How to Determine Mother’s Day

How to Determine Mother’s Day

This celebration is a form of appreciation for the female head of a home or family. It is also observed to honour the roles of motherhood. Most times, maternal bonds are renewed and gifts are sent along with sweet poems and messages to mark this holiday.

This global celebration is observed in different parts of the world and it looks like almost every day is Mother’s Day. Every second Sunday of the month of May, Mother’s Day is celebrated in the United States of America.

With this, you should be able to determine the next date of this holiday. However, you should note that not all countries follow this pattern. There are different dates for this celebration all around the world. To learn more, you should keep on reading.

International Mother’s Day

Still, in determining the date for this celebration, there are different dates for different countries. The list below contains the time of the year this holiday is held in other countries.

  • In the middle east, this celebration is held on the first day of spring yearly.
  • China observes this holiday falls on the fourth month of the moon calendar. Although, it is most celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May.
  • The United Kingdom celebrates this holiday on the fourth Sunday of Lent. This is according to the catholic calendar.
  • France celebrates mothering Sunday on the last Sunday of May.
  • Same as America, France celebrates this festival on the second Sunday of May.

Having known this, you should be able to determine the date for this special celebration and not miss out on making it special for your mom.

When is Mother’s Day Date 

Mother’s Day is a celebration held ones in every year. Although there are other celebrations that occur before that day in honour of the grand finale. Well, due to this celebration that comes before the final day (Mother’e day), many became confused and often mistake mothers day as a four-times occurring celebration. Here are all celebrations in honour of womanhood and motherhood before the set mothers day.

First Day of Women’s History Month – 1st March

Women’s Day – 8th March

Mothering Sunday – 19th March

Lastly, 14th May – is Mother’s Day

Importance of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May and this year, it is on the 8th of May. Why should I celebrate my mom? Has this question ever crossed your mind? If yes, you need to read the reasons below.

There is no doubt that there is a female who has contributed immensely to your growth. This person could be your mom, an aunt, your grandma, a teacher, or your friend. These women need to be appreciated and honoured on this special day set aside for them.

Also, the mom-to-child relationship is valued by most people and this celebration brings memories of this bonding.

There is also a psychological effect on females when you honour and appreciate them. This celebration allows members of the family to come together and also renew the bond of motherhood. Having read through this, you should be able to understand why this holiday is important.

What is the Origin of Mother’s Day Celebration?

The origin of this celebration can be traced to the United States of America. A memorial service was held in Grafton, West Virginia by a woman named Anna Jarvis. This took place in the year 1907 on May 12th.

While this woman was alive, she was well known for organizing women into associations. This was all in a bid to foster friendship and health amongst females. However, this took a new turn as every state in America took up this holiday within the space of five years.

And with this, we have Mother’s Day is celebrated at different times of the year in different countries. All this is done in a bid to appreciate and honour the female gender, moms in particular.

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