What Happens When You Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace

What Happens When You Report A Seller On Facebook Marketplace? Are you having problems with your Facebook Marketplace due to a seller?

What Happens When You Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace

Are you inquisitive on how to report a seller on your Facebook marketplace and you’re in the dark? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. That’s the main purpose of this article, to explain to you how to report a scam on the Facebook marketplace, what to do in reporting a seller, what it entails, and its outcomes.

What Happens When you Report a Seller on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is an online platform where you can buy and sell items, i.e. products to enlarge your business and also make it more visible. This feature is only accessible to only those who have accounts on the platform.

Scam on Facebook Marketplace

As a buyer, you can have difficulties getting your goods. This can be a result of you being scammed. Also, the item you received may not be properly listed by the seller.

If you feel you’ve been scammed, you can report a seller on your Facebook buying and selling marketplace. To learn how to do this, keep on reading.

How to Report a Scam on Facebook Marketplace

Now, you must know that there’s a provision laid down for you to report a seller. It’s not hard and can be done on the Facebook marketplace, it basically entails you doing these two things. They are given below:

  • Login to your Facebook account and click on the marketplace icon from your newsfeed on your display screen.
  • Next click on a listing from the seller that you want to report.
  • Click on the name of the seller and select the three-dotted icon.
  • Select report seller and follow the on-screen instructions.

How to Report a Seller who has Blocked you on Facebook Marketplace

In some cases, the seller may have blocked you after collecting payments. With this, you would not be able to view the profile of the seller.

To report this seller, you need to ask a friend with an account to report the content using the Find support or report link near the post, photo, or comment on Facebook. All your friend needs to do is locate the account of the seller and report the post

For your report to be well-reviewed, provide enough concrete details, including links and screenshots of the content you’re reporting.

What is the Resulting Consequence of Reporting a Seller on your Facebook Marketplace?

If you’ve been thinking about how the case may go. If you’re going to be on the losing or winning end, it’s very simple. I am going to tell you what will happen when you report a seller on the grounds of trademark infringement, scamming, and fraudulent activities. Follow ardently as I walk you through it below.

They are:

  • The first thing Facebook marketplace will do is not to jump to conclusions but to examine the situation and hand and see if it’s worth it.
  • You will be asked to give solid and analytical reasons why you think the seller has to be reported, like not delivering goods on time, using a fake account, taking money without delivering, and so on.
  • Then, if your claims are true and cogent, the seller will be notified and the seller’s account will be blocked, and won’t be able to login to his/her Facebook marketplace account, or be deleted.
  • You will be taught how to avoid such problems and identify one by Facebook Marketplace personnel and the help center.

Generally, when you report a seller on Facebook, they may be suspended but only if they are found guilty of breaching the platform’s commerce policies. Buyers who also file fraudulent claims are also subjected to consequences as outlined in Facebook’s purchase protection policies.

Is Reporting a Seller On Facebook Marketplace Anonymous?

Now, when you report a seller on the Facebook marketplace, will they be notified that you’re the one? Don’t be perplexed, the Facebook marketplace keeps you secured your name. And, also, personal details will be kept completely secret as they reach out to the person involved or responsible.

However, you must realize that reporting a seller on the Facebook marketplace does not lead to automatic removal. The seller will also be asked to prove evidentially the points leveled against him/her.

Haven understood all you need to do to report a seller in the Facebook marketplace. And how to go about it and the overall consequence of what will happen. Why don’t you take advantage of the provided platform if you think you’ve been scammed by a seller and enjoy the Facebook marketplace to the maximum?

Scam on Facebook Marketplace and How to Avoid Them

Here are some tips that would keep you from being scammed on the marketplace:

  • Review the profile of the seller carefully before buying.
  • Make use of a safe and secure payment method.
  • Sometimes, you have to insist on inspecting the product physically in a public place before making payments.
  • Make sure you have evidence of the transactions in case of any display of funny behaviors from the seller.
  • Read the ratings of other users.

These are some helpful tips to avoid being scammed on the platform.

Facebook Marketplace Rules

Lastly, there are rules you should observe as a buyer or seller in the marketplace. To be able to access this service, you should not:

  • Violate Facebook community standards by selling fake items.
  • Promote or sell alcohol, weapons, and hard drugs.
  • Sell digital content, downloadable digital subscriptions, digital content, digital accounts, or devices.
  • Sales of services are not allowed.
  • The selling of animals or animal parts is prohibited in this marketplace.
  • Stolen items and products should not be sold
  • Sell an item or service that has been stolen.

As a vendor on this platform, violating third-party rights is a serious offense and you can get blocked from using this platform for it.

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  1. This post is utter bollocks. I’ve tried to report a scammer who took money off me for a camera, and didn’t send the camera and is still selling said camera on Marketplace. I wasn’t asked to give any “cogent details” nor “analytical details” etc etc. It was a simply choice of several reasons to report, of which you could only choose one. No further information was required.

  2. Facebook does’nt review anything. It will cause the algorithme of this seller to go down. That’s all. Wondering why your views went down? Someone reported you. My advice: block all your competitors and suspicious clients

  3. Ive been listing numerous numerous items for sale on Facebook yardsales for well over a year & never had a problem… u til today when i started adding new listings & Renewing my previous listings… well I received a notification that my post had been removed from every page i had clicked on to show it. So when i pulled up the post – its said tgat my post had been AUTOMATICALLY DELETED from all of these pages & AUTOMATICALLY DECLINED! With a description for these by Facebook: Criteria met for declining: Post Length Post has fewer than 10 characters . I am completely freaking amazed!!! All of my listings have more than 10 CHARACTERS IN TGE TITLE AS WELL AS THE DESCRIPTION. So please tell me why thus is happening!!!

  4. I accidentally transfer money to the seller named Shelby Robinson her email address is shelbyrnixon@gmail.com I asked her to return or send back my money but until now she’s ignoring my message I know it’s not her fault but I’m counting on her honesty

  5. so what are you supposed to do if you paid someone for a item via bank transfer and they dont send the item to you and they tell you its posted but they wont send you the proof. Then they block you. So now im blocked i cant report them.

  6. I bought a mini laptop but after going back to report Her she is no longer available on messenger. You know what that means now.

  7. Ordered a product, sent money and paid for it Never received product and he doesn’t respond What can I do? Frustrating

  8. On Facebook market place I liked one 18K gold chain, seller name was JUAN ANDRES MONTOYA OBALDIA living in Hamilton . He offered me that he will send me through parcel. I have transferred him money through email but still I couldn’t receive parcel. I counted him on his honesty.

  9. What’s wrong with Facebook. Why doesn’t it make it easy for buyers to get some satisfaction when they are scammed. The option of REPORTING A SELLER is just a joke. You are provided with 5 or 6 options to choose from and not one of them covers not receiving items that have been paid for. eBay refunds the buyer in cases like this so where is Facebook’s buyer protection?

  10. Yes. I drove 18 hrs r/t nd $350 in gas to buy a 77 camaro…the pictures showed a beautiful bright red newly painted car. When i arrived, my heart dropped…it looked NOTHING like the car in the pics!! It was awful!!!

  11. I sold a Pearl necklace to this man for $80. I mailed the necklace and let him know and then he immediately cancelled the payment as it was pending so I never got paid. I kindly messaged him and he ignored me. I reported it to Facebook a few years back. If I click on the buyer- I can see a message thanking me for contacting Facebook support and that they will let me know when they have looked at my situation. This happened around 4 years ago?! I even messaged the buyer again after about a year. I could see he reads my messages but still no reply. Originally he told me he wanted the Pearl necklace for his wife and needed it to be sent next day. I lost around $100 total for this and finally feel I have to give up as I can’t spend more time and money on this issue. 🙁

  12. About a week after paying with Paypal – buyer’s protection, wise choice – my payed-for items were still for sale and I was ghosted by seller. Interestingly, seller had a high ratings badge from Marketplace. At the beginning, seller even stated that they wouldn’t default, trying to steer me from PP. Buyer beware.

  13. I asked if there was anything wrong, damaged, or broken with the vehicle. He said yes. I replied asking what and his reply was “sorry, you have to come to see it”. It is over an hour’s drive one way to where he’s located so I told him that I DON’T have to see it because I’m not interested. He got rude saying ‘stop wasting my time.

    This person, Luis Ruiz, claims that he Works at Facebook Marketplace Community on his profile page.

  14. They say it’s not allowed to sell pets on Facebook yet I enquired about a cat tree which said free after asking if it was still available I’m then given a list of what kittens where available and price the cat tree is just to get people to enquire as it’s NOT for sale at all ,tried to ask admin to contact me in a selling group and had my message removed ! I’m just thinking of these poor kittens who could end up anywhere 🤬😡


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