How to Remove Facebook Followers on Desktop or Mobile

Wondering how you can cut down the list of your Facebook followers, do you want to know how to remove Facebook followers’ right? Well follow me on this article and get the answers. Who is/are the follower(s) and how do they start following you?

How to Remove Facebook Followers

Actually, these are the persons who either choose to follow you or automatically set to follow you when a friend request is sent to you but you still prefer not to accept it. When the friend request on FB is put into pending (neither accept nor reject), the sender is automatically started following your profile.

However, it’s also been noticed that no matter you keep it pending, select ‘Not Now’ or delete the friend request, the sender is automatically set to follow you. It means that in most cases, the process of following is started whenever somebody sends a friend request.

How to Remove Facebook Followers

Getting to know how to remove Facebook followers is quite easy especially if you know how. There are a few ways to remove people to follow you. At present, there is no visible option to unfollow as you can unfriend somebody.

More precisely, there is no visible option that can enable you to stop others from following you. But there are some methods that can do the exact job for you.

How to Find Out Who Is Following You On Facebook

Finding your followers on Facebook is very easy. There is no distinctive option for followers on the profile page, however. You can find them with your friend’s list. Let’s simplify it:

  • Go to your Facebook profile
  • Click/tap on the Friends tab.
  • There are some tabs, named Friends, Following, and Followers. Select Followers.
  • A list of people will be shown who are following you. This list looks the same as a friend list.

With the steps above you can successfully see who is following you. so let’s get down to business and see how to remove unwanted guests from your list.

How to Successfully Remove Followers on Facebook

There are two convenient methods to removing followers from your Facebook they are listed below;

Firstly, Block the user; Blocking users enables you to stop selected (one or more) people to follow you. While the other followers will keep following. But it doesn’t work for all users (very few cases, but it should work). This method is preferred as it will permanently prevent that annoying person access your private information. The process to block the follower is given as under:

  • Go to the Following tab. (your Profile > Friends > Following).
  • Click the follower or go to his/her profile.
  • Block that person. The block option can be found near Add Friend.
  • A popup box will appear, press Confirm.

Although it seems strange as blocking a person prevents him/her from accessing your timeline or seeing your timeline stuff, so following will not matter anymore; as that person will not be able to see your posts or any other details.

Secondly, restrict who can follow you. Restricting who can follow you gives you as whole control over the following option. You can select the category of people who will be able to follow you, while the others will not be able to do so. Let’s see how to do this:

  • Go to Settings.
  • On the Settings page, select Followers in the left pane.
  • In the right pane, find the Who Can Follow Me section. Most probably, this option will be set to ‘Everybody’. Change it to ‘Friends’.

That’s it. Now, only your friends will be able to follow you, not everyone. Moreover, the tab/option of ‘Following’ will be removed as well. Restricting who can follow you to friends only is preferred if you want to totally get rid of Facebook followers. You can get more details on how to remove Facebook followers by clicking here.

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